SAUROPOD – Lucky 7

LUCKY 7 is the feature where we ask bands to name their 6 favourite songs by others, and a lucky 7th song of their own…

Here’s the latest by ace new Norwegian garage grunge trio due to release their album “Roaring At The Storm” on 22nd January, but they’re about to kick one up with some eclectic if not all strictly electric choices…it’s SAUROPOD!

sauropod copy 2

Named after a herbivorous dinosaur (not a Junior one), Sauropod consist of three veggies who met (not meat) in High School and moved to Oslo. They are: Jonas Røyeng (guitar, vocals), Kamillia Waal Larsen (bass, vocals) and Jørgen Natland Apeness (drums) and the noise they make is hooky, angry and insistent, lying wailing in the undergrowth, picking off the bones of Pixies, Rezillos and the Drop Nineteens. And yet sounding only like themselves, or a bit like this link below in fact:

A bit like Velvet Sheep fanzine, Sauropod owe a lot to the 90s. It’s riffy, but never sludgy, and apparently when played live its incendiary. Their producer Hasse Rosbach signed up after being blown away (not literally) at Norway’s now iconic by:Larm festival. Their bio talks about their multiplicity of influences, but it’s time to see if it’s not just all mouth but trousers to…


Over to the band for their “Lucky 7″…

  1. Savant “Sledgehammer”

Aleksander Vinter aka Savant is our favorite EDM guy. This floored us all, literally. This literally floored us all. It floored us. This Florida’s old. Can I get a new one?

2. Aiming for Enrike “Mechajackson”

Another Norwegian act. None of us will ever play that well. But that melody’s stuck with us for ages. Cooooool.

3. Tiny Tim “Tip Toe Through the Tulips”

This is wonderful performing! Keep your eyes off the dipshit clearly uncomfy next to Tim and enjoy!

Fun fact: We actually opened our first show in Oslo ever with covering this song. Fun fact for us anyway.

4. Jacques Brel “Au Suivant”

Jacques Brel is another incredible performer, and also a really exciting song writer. Did you know he wrote the original “Seasons in the Sun”? This video is one of the all too few ones that have English subtitles available.

5. Olivier Messiaen “Turangalîla Symphony 5th”

And speaking of French music (though Brel was really Belgian); this is one of the most influential music to affect our songwriting. What happens in 05:40 immediately flipped our focus from riffs to chord progressions, and the will to “invent” new ones! Discovered the video randomly in our teens. It didn’t floor us, it had us standing up, whimpering.

6. Cornelis Vreeswijk performing Carl Michael Bellman’s “Epistel 52: Movitz, mitt hjärta blöder

So this one’s in Swedish, sorry about that. At least it’s in such old Swedish, we barely understand a word of it ourselves, so don’t worry! Bellman was an 18th century Swedish composer and poet, who basically sung of sex, drugs and music before it was cool. Performed seamlessly hundreds of years later by Cornelis Vreeswijk, who’s like all of Scandinavia’s coolest folk singer. And that ever-shredding nylon guitarist next to him.

The Lucky 7th: Sauropod “Winter Song”

This is our first single for our debut LP ‘Roaring at the Storm’, which is out on January 22nd. Do please enjoy it irresponsibly 🙂