Sheep Dip Grunge Tips for 2016, The Bands YOU NEED TO HEAR this Year.

So you’re back at work, back on the chips and already downing guilt free pork scratchings in the local boozer. Good. Blow your asinine resolutions out the window, resolutions are for suckers. Unless of course you promised to keep yourself in-the-know by checking out some rocking new music, courtesy of this fine rock-n-wool website.

So here we are with our Sheep Dip Grunge Tips for 2016. These aren’t just our tips, oh no, but recommendations from our filthily well informed industry insiders. So stop watching that Geordie bloke get his old boy out on Celebrity Big Brother, stop complaining about how cold it is and check out these rad tunes. Yeah I said rad, I’m bringing it back!

So, in no particular order here are our Velvet Sheep Dip Grunge Tips for 2016!

1. Gang – ‘Animalia'(single out now)

2. So Pitted – ‘Rot in Hell’ (album due Feb 19th)

SO PITTED choose their Lucky 7 for Velvet Sheep here…

SO PITTED – Lucky 7

3. PROM – ‘I’ll Teach You’ (single out now)

4. Kagoule – ‘Glue’ (Album Urth out now. Currently on tour.)

5. Velcro Hooks – ‘Sevrin The Mind’ (single out now)

This might become a living document, so if we can be bothered and you can be arsed, check back for more Sheep Dip Tips to watch out for. Watcha!