Following on from Fuzzbox,  in what is proving to be a Brummie kind of day,  it’s time for Thomas “T-Bird” Jones. A regular writer for Velvet Sheep, T-Bird also plays drums in the brilliant Birmingham band Swampmeat and was a key member of the now sadly defunct ColdRice collective. As the promoter behind the brilliant “Takin’ Care of Business” and the man behind the Brum’s The Word mix on these pages, Teeb is keenly placed to give props to the next wave of would-be ColdRicers – garage doyens and ne’er do wells keen to rip a new hole for your bull-ring.



If youve had the pleasure of seeing these boys play live im sure you won’t need any reminding of the gig as your ears will still be ringing and your mind spinning from a live experience you won’t forget.. An all out attack on your senses will leave you shook up and desperate for more.

A loud, brash, full on attitude soaked experience makes you hark back to the days of punk and i mean PUNK. None of this watered down music for the masses just an explosion from start to finish where you’ll be pinned to the walls with their fast chord and fast attitude.

Take the music out and the live show is enough with front man Connor losing his mind as he takes us all on a journey into his mind.. Applaud if you want..they dont care, they want you to leave with a banging in your head that makes you remember their fast paced anger fuelled show ..

Take my word for it, arrange a date with this Bad Girlfriend.



The word Mighty sums these two up perfectly.. Garage Rock with a hint of Blues that make you remember why you love music so much. The powerhouse that is Robb on drums pounds out rhythm after rhythm to lay the groove down and Joe unleashes hell from the guitar.

They lay any influences you care to think of to rest when Joe’s vocals kick in and their sound is much more deep rooted than any comparison you can think of. When the vocals are bought down then the guitar and drums do all the talking and youre  left waiting for the next crescendo.

You can see they live and breathe their sound and believe in every word and chord thats belted out.. Their energy and love for what they do is all apparent and you won’t fail to join them on their journey.



From the ashes of the much missed Cedar House Band and Dong Fang rise The Terror Watts. A three piece that provide you with that wonderful thing.. Rock ‘n Roll with melody and energy thats been long missed.

Having only just formed there are whispers that this incarnation will set the world on fire. A handful of live appearances have left the music lovers in Birmingham hankering for more.

Listen to their debut recording and feel the love and energy that shines cant help yourself from feeling it once Olly’s drums and Jake’s bass kicks in. Add Tom’s catchy choruses and guitar riffs that will leave you smiling and jiving and you’ll be asking the band when their next gig is.. Electrifying!