SO PITTED – Lucky 7

LUCKY 7 is the feature where we ask bands to name their 6 favourite songs by others, and a lucky 7th song of their own…

This time it’s the latest signing to legendary grunge label and Velvet Sheep favs, the label where Mark Arm of Mudhoney still works in dispatch…Sub Pop (see my interview with him for the Quietus here). They’re a three piece that make a noise that is part Nirvana “Bleach”, part DEVO “Duty Now For The Future”, part Nine Inch Nails “Head Like A Hole” but also a noise wholly (hole-y) their own. They are like So Pitted.

So Pitted. Photograph by Sarah Cass.

So Pitted. Photograph by Sarah Cass.

So Pitted are not as I thought some kind of rock-flavoured anagram but are instead named after this clip of a surfer dude getting totally carried away in the euphoria of riding a giant. Watch it, it’s breath-takingly Bill & Ted.

So Pitted, the band leave you similarly stoked, out of breath, and talking gibberish after the onslaught that is their debut album “Neo”.

Here’s a track from said noise opus:

The band are from Seattle, but although their sounds do owe a debt to the Northwest, they could equally be from Akron or Cleveland such is the industrial fug and mechanoid head-funk of their phuture grunge. Nathan Rodriguez is a self-taught muso-freak with hair that Limahl would kill to still have. Jeannine Koewler is as cool as Jennifer Herrema with the aesthetic leanings of Vaughan Oliver, while Liam Downey answers the Q: ARE WE NOT MEN with a resolute NEGATIVE but a life affirming thrum of the fretwork.

For such an eclectic seeming bunch, a diverse choice of tunes should come as no surprise, and the band took the unprecedented measure in a Lucky 7 of divvying the choices up between them, so although they may like the Diktators it’s more of a commune…I’d suggest you buckle up for Jeannine’s choices, though it does make me admire her even more.

Over to So Pitted:

Nathan Rodriguez

  1. Slipknot – “My Plague”

Corey is mad and he wants to share it with you. I find his delivery to be very romantic despite how negative their music seems. Slipknot love their fans and are always looking for an opportunity to express that, so I feel like there is a subconscious layer of overwhelming, cheesy love throughout a lot of their music.

2. 2pac – “So Many Tears” – Live at the House of Blues

This performance is tight. I love the way live rap sounds; perfectly produced tracks through the filter of a large room, a crowd and live vocals, such a great texture to the ears. 2pac is such a strong vocalist, he maintains the feeling of his music with ease and authenticity while his crew sounds puny and detached in comparison. Just over a minute into this performance he stops the track to rant about his hate for nas and bad boy. 2pac was on the cusp of emotional hyper intelligence, but was trapped in a glitch of hate reinforced by trauma and bigotry throughout the rest of his life. I often wonder about this perspective and what it could have been like for him to overcome it.

Jeannine Koewler

3. Skrillex & Diplo feat. Justin Bieber- ‘Where R ü Now’

You might say I have bad taste in music, but the fact of the matter is, nobody has bad taste in music.

4. Marilyn Manson – ‘Angel With The Scabbed Wings’

Shit, just listening to this song adds to my street cred.

Liam Downey

5. Devo – ‘Time Out for Fun’

I was 15 years old and high as fuck when I first heard/saw this song/video. Everyone in the room was laughing accept me. I was merely shocked. It rubbed off on me so much that ever since then I’ve been trying to write songs that are just as boingy and wobbily, but still catchy. Also Oh no its Devo! Is probably the best album ever! If I hear one note off that album I have to stop what I’m doing and listen to the whole thing. It’s like being a new wave werewolf, I can’t control it.

6. Slugbug – ‘Macintosh Tapes’

The bands that have brought me to tears so far in life are The B-52’s, for personal reasons, and P-model for pure mind blowing-ness. Only one song, however, has ever brought me to tears based on a single sonic sound alone, and its actually contemporary. The intro synth work on Macintosh Tapes by Austin’s one man zolo prodigy Slugbug makes me cry every time. It’s like Paul Miller (Slugbug) has discovered the brown note equivalent for making someone produce tears. I don’t get truly sad per say, I just feel so moved by the notes and texture of the synth sounds being used. What really brings me to tears however is the build-up of this intro. You can feel the tears forming in your head and when the intro reaches its highest note I just can’t help but release the tears. Science? Also, Paul is the best musician, producer, and blind date I can think of who’s a jack of all trades. He really sets a standard for me on producing your own music/ videos by yourself. Something I and everyone should be able to do now and in the future. Listen to Macintosh Tapes as well as Slugbug’s full length Truck Month here!

7. Donkey Kong Country Original Soundtrack – ‘Aquatic Ambience’

This song rivals even the best of what pure moods had to offer in the 90s. Being a big gaming nerd I listen to videogame music a lot, but this song really strikes the nostalgia chord the most compared to other 16-bit era midi tracks that I love. Researching the soundtrack origins of this song, how it was produced, and what machines were used really inspired me to start writing with different midi software’s that utilize 16 bit era sounds. It’s not chip tune, its bit tune! All console generations are free game now! 

 Lucky 7 (erm 8th)

 So Pitted – ‘Rot In Hell’

‘rot in hell’ is one of the earliest songs we had. There are lots of feelings of intense frustration and misunderstanding in them. I think for a long time I’ve wanted to appear strong, or tough, and I don’t think I’m really regarded like that. I think those songs came out in a time where it was me experiencing frustration with that.”



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