SO STRESSED – Lucky 7. 

Lucky 7 is our regular feature where bands select 6 songs that have influenced their music then, as a super duper bonus, they get to select their Lucky 7 – one of their own! Today we feature Sacramento post-hardcore/noise trio So Stressed. Over to you Stress heads!

1. Sam Amidon – 1842

If we could tour with anybody, I would want to tour with Michael Jackson, but since Michael is no longer of this mortal realm, Sam Amidon is my first real choice. I have seen him play a few times and he is such a great, fun, bizarre performer. He’ll go from playing incredibly pretty songs to straight noise. He definitely informs and inspires the way I think about and make music. This is my favorite song of his. It’s just unyieldingly pretty and so simple.

2. Pete Drake – Forever

It’s tough for me to pick a favorite Pete Drake song because he made so much cool stuff, but I’ll go with “Forever” because it’s a good representation of pretty much everything I like about his music. It’s a love song, it has a choir of singers, it’s pretty, it has pedal steel guitar (duh), and it has plenty of talkbox. I’m a big fan of talkbox and a big fan of pedal steel guitar and he put the two together and the result is the exact kind of music that I have always wanted to listen to.

3. Toro Y Moi – Eden

This one is such a fun love song. I love love songs. It’s light and summery and the lyrics are exactly right. The second half is the real show-stealer, though. As we all know, I’m a sucker for talkbox and this song kills it. It makes me want to spend the rest of my life dancing and in love.

4. Charles Ives – Three Quarter-Tone Pieces – Allegro

I like Charles Ives a lot. He had a lot of really neat ideas about music. I freaked out the first time I heard his Three Quarter-Tone Pieces. I had never heard something that was so gross and so pretty at the same time. They were, and still are, incredibly satisfying to listen to. They scratch a weird itch in my brain.

5. Iris DeMent – My Life

This song is so pretty. It’s sad and it’s hopeful and Iris has such a singularly beautiful voice. I can listen to this twenty times in a row and not get tired of it. I saw her perform a few years ago and she was really nice and funny and had such cool stories. Someday I’m going to learn how to sing and play piano just so I can play this song.

6. Sean McCann – Midnight Orchard

If I had to listen to one song for the rest of my life, it would be this one. Sean McCann is so great. He is definitely one of my favorite contemporary musicians/composers and this is my favorite song of his. It’s so long and slow and I’ve listened to it a ton, but it never gets boring. Depending on my mood, it can sound happy or sad or lonely or pretty or detached. It’s sort of like the auditory equivalent of the Kuleshov Effect.

7. So Stressed – Needs No Chill

I picked this song from our new record because it’s so harsh and grating. That’s exactly what we wanted it to be and I think it turned out pretty well. It was super fun recording this one. We piled on a bunch of layers of noise and ugly sounds and effects. The weird guitar solo stuff at the end sounds so wrong and off. It’s a really sour, noisy song. I like it.

So Stressed

So Stressed’s brilliant first album ‘THE UNLAWFUL TRADE OF GRECO-ROMAN ART’ is out now.