Stella Grundy by Steve Bowden

“SONG FOR EWE” is the feature where artists & music people beloved by VELVET SHEEP choose an obscure song they’ve been listening to that day. Today it’s a Mancunian legend. She was the lead singer of the 90s indie dance band Intastella, who formed from the ashes of the band Laugh (featuring Spencer Birtwistle, later of The Fall) and appeared on The Word and twice in session for John Peel, she’s also an actress and playwright of one woman show The Rise & Fall Of A Northern Star. 

She’s been working on a remix score of the show with PiL icon Jah Wobble, plus ex The Smiths man Mike Joyce and the album The Rise & Fall Of A Northern DubStar, produced by The Fall producer Mike Bennett and also featuring guest appearances from our mate Neville Staple of The Specials, John Cooper Clarke, Tim Utah of Utah Saints, Craig Gannon of The Smiths and reggae ledge Dillinger will be released in June. But I’m pleased to say that she’s found time to choose a great “song for ewe”, welcome to VS, Stella Grundy!

A series of Stella Grundy remixes featuring Jah Wobble and produced by Mike Bennett  are flying pretty high in the masspoolmp3 dance chart in the US – a digital record pool subscription used by professional DJs at the moment…


and here’s a cool vid…

But what has Stella chosen as her “song for ewe”? She’s keeping it in the family!

“Title: Becoming More Like God Artist: Jah Wobble

I was cleaning the house one day and let Spotify go on one of its wanders. Usually very hit and miss and this track suddenly swooped in while I had my head stuck in the oven and I was transported somewhere else. I had heard this song when it first came out in the mid nineties. The angelic, dream like female vocal was something I was striving for in my band Intastella.

And the chorus was just heavenly. Like a daydream with no frustration or lack of conclusion. Yet both vocalists (Anneli Drecker) were equal storytellers. I had forgotten what a massive influence this was on my song writing at this time and the future. This mix of electronic, Eastern and the wonderfully simple bass phrase which is always for me the hook.

Jah’s lyrics were intriguing and sage like. “An astonishingly accomplished avatar” I wonder who that was about. He can see into the future. I can listen to this song over and over and over… I believe in fate and I’m delighted I’m now collaborating with John (Jah Wobble) on my new Album “The Rise and Fall of a Northern Dubstar” along with producer Mike Bennett.

We met when he came along to see Lene Lovich who I was supporting and was blown away by my set. Now we have created a re imagination of my critically acclaimed play and album “The Rise and Fall of a Northern Star” in which Jah Wobble appears and plays bass.

The new collaborations with Jah (John) have been heavily supported by Tony Gleed at Soho Radio and the Dub Track “Move On” was leaked to Radio 6 before release. Other collaborations include Harry Shearer (Spinal Tap) Basement Jax, Ding Archer (Pixies) Craig Gannon (Smiths) Nick McCabe (The Verve).

“Supersize” ft Jah Wobble’s thundering bassline has been mixed by Lady Gaga’s official remixer José Jiménez and has gone straight in at No 20 in the US Dance charts. Sobel Promotions are right behind this work. Jah Wobble lives in the north, he’s an honorary Manc and has been a friend and collaborator since I first met him at a photo shoot in 2013.”