TAD DOYLE – Lucky 7

LUCKY 7 is the feature where we ask artists to name their 6 favourite songs by others, and a lucky 7th song of their own…

It’s legends time again at Velvet Sheep and today we’re proud to feature a man we’ve been trying to work with since the launch of the site, grunge metal hero Tad Doyle.


One of the first bands to be signed to the Sub Pop label, Tad Doyle continues to make genre defining metal with his new band Brothers of the Sonic Cloth. Our ‘Brothers of the Sonic Cloth’ review was also one of Velvet Sheep’s launch articles, so it’s fitting (and with great pride) that on the release day of the Tad reissues we’re back with a one way ticket to his soul.

Over to Tad with his Lucky 7!


1. Killdozer – ‘Cotton Bolls’
So fucking heavy. Drums sound HUGE, guitars are chaotic, bass is thick and chewy. Vocals and lyrical content are fun and definitely the thinking man’s punk/rock.

2. Head of David – ‘I’ll Fall At Your Feet’
HOD were Birmingham UKs predecessor to GODFLESH. Birmingham is definitely one of my favorite music cities and as a fan of metal, this is the city that started it. So much dark and heavy music has emanated from this area of the world. Black Sabbath, GBH, Napalm Death and many more. If you can find HOD’s LP, buy it and listen, for it carries the legacy and the raw elements of the sound and feel of what made Birmingham the metal Mecca.


3. King Crimson – ‘Epitaph’
These guys move me in a way that few bands can. Greg Lake era Crimson is unfuckwithable. As a kid, discovering this band was like finding the musical Holy Grail. They had all of the elements that make for timeless music. With an outstanding command of rhythm and time, down to the musicianship and instrumentation, these guys have that thing that makes a band great. These guys were the pioneers of what people call Progressive Rock. Go to the source. This band is the source of what was to follow. This song is quite possibly my favorite song of all time.


4. Neurosis – ‘Fire is the End Lesson’
Few bands have held my interest over decades of music and continue to reach me on a level that goes deep to the spirit. Neurosis; going on thirty plus years have well earned my admiration and appreciation. While many bands over stay their welcome and start becoming repetitive parodies of themselves these guys continue to evolve and stay fresh with their lyrics, sounds and superb execution.



5. NAILS – ‘You Will Never Be One of Us’
Although NAILS defy everything. To quote my friend Kurt Ballou, “Nails have one of the most anti-social guitar sounds I have ever heard.” This song makes my jaw muscles ache from tightly clenching my teeth. I love it. This is the soundtrack for teen male angst and anger.

6. Edgard Varèse – ‘Nocturnal’
I was introduced to Varèse’s works in school and fell in love with his use of dissonant and seemingly atonal compositions. He was a master of tension and uneasy passages.


Lucky 7: Brothers of the Sonic Cloth – ‘Lava’
My current band. This is “Lava”, the opening track of the debut self-titled full length record that came out on Neurot Recordings in 2015.

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