The image of a Plague Doctor couldn’t be any more apt. It seems so otherworldly, out of time, and yet so right now. Bit like the music of Tale of Two, contemporaneous darkness, foreboding yet prescient.

You all know how much I’m a fan of the voice and sass of Gemma Rogers (soon to have a exciting new solo record out on Tiny Global, produced by Stuart Moxham and featuring Spike of Z-Block Records, Spike & Debbie etc) and with her talented and instinctive writing partner Alfie Jackson they record as Tale of Two, and this is their latest track “Demons” out now…

It starts like The Shins “New Slang” and turns into a “Let England Shake”-esque PJ Harvey cut, and it’s enjoyably gothic. “Demons” was written before the alarming new world we find ourselves in, but it was about an impending doom whose oncoming presence had been felt. But as light follows darkness, Tale of Two and Gemma Rogers time in the sun is coming soon.

Make sure you’re there at the beginning by downloading the new tune right here: