On Velvet Sheep, we’re big fans of the work of Gemma Rogers, a most singular talent, who seamlessly entwines the spirit of such quintessential storytellers Dickens, Joyce, Dury and Winehouse with dark glee. And with Alfie Jackson ex of The Holloways as her songwriting foil, they have a band called Tale of Two. Except in this Tale of Two, they make the worst of times, and of human nature’s seamier side into the best of times – carefully crafted songs lit by a mixture of gas lamp and garish neon. There’s a debut EP on the way, and it’s sure to be beguiling. “Lovelust” is the third single from it, and although we’ve definitely dropped the song here before, they made a video that very much fits the he-said, she-said passionate pontifications of a love-lorn pair who can’t choose between loyalty and lust. Gemma and Alfie’s interplay is instinctive, almost psychic – like Cave and Polly Harvey on “Henry Lee” or Lee and Nancy on “Some Velvet Morning”.

Gemma is now signed to Tiny Global Productions, a VS label of the year who’ve released some stellar albums by favs Nightingales (with another on the way this year), Band of Holy Joy (ditto) and Blue Orchids, and she’s found kindred spirits and fans among the roster including The Gist’s Stuart Moxham (whose first band Young Marble Giants Gemma was a big fan of) and Spike (of Spike & Debbie / Alison Statton & Spike). We even had a bit of a hand in this, having introduced Tiny Global’s boss John Henderson to Gemma via these pages 18 months ago. It’s fair to say, with skin in the game and being a fan already that we’re excited to bursting to hear the fruits of this new solo LP that’s on the way. It’s being co-written with Alfie and the aforementioned Spike’s been working on a couple of tracks for it too just to send us teetering even more on tenterhooks.

Anyway, here’s more than enough to keep us satiated, the awesomeness that is “Lovelust”, gert’cha!

Look out for the Tale of Two EP soon.

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