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“SONG FOR EWE” is the feature where artists beloved by VELVET SHEEP choose an obscure song they’ve been listening to that day.

Today’s guest is a  real hero, and someone I’ve been pen pals with for some time, it’s the legendary sax punk and beat poet, iconoclast and auteur – man with a mohawk and an eagle eye for a killer lyric – Ted Milton of Blurt



Ever since the MTV Alternative Nation days with Toby Amies, we played the brilliant Blurt video for “They Built The Body To Fill The Cap” and since that I’ve been in touch with the thoroughly erudite and charming Ted Milton.

I’ve tried a number of times to put Blurt or Ted’s Odes project with “laptop musician” Sam Britton on at Velvet Sheep nights in the noughties and beyond, but circumstances have conspired against me. I know that when it inevitably does happen it will be truly seismic. A worm hole or rip in the space time continuum may well appear and the earth swallow itself up, such are the contorted sounds that appear from Ted’s pursed lips and the gilded anticipation for it. Think Ornette Coleman RIP crossed with James Chance, Earl Bostic, Evan Parker and Allen Ginsberg and you’re somewhere close to the twisted sound world of Blurt.

I was pleasantly surprised when Ted got in touch out of the blue this week.

Ted’s got a project to get his lyrics all gathered for posterity in a book – the MILTON TEXT BOOK. Possibly written in blood and bound by the hair of wild dogs, or maybe something more posh and leather bound.  As Ted self-effacingly says “It’s exactly what the world’s been waiting for!” He needs your help though via Kickstarter. Depending on your pledge you could even get a copy of the book hand-shredded by Ted himself (plus a complete one for the book-shelf). See details in the link below:


In a classic case of quid pro quo / payola I asked Ted if he’d chip in with his choice of obscure song (ps. Ted, the pledge in the post/online soon).

This is Ted Milton’s “song for ewe”, so it’s over to the man himself:

“An “obscure” song, Nick?

Nothing could be more obscure than a Blurt song – I was transposing “Get” for the imminent MILTON TEXT BOOK yesterday & I remembered how, was it in ’79 the band began?

I’d taken a cassette of our first recording “Some Come” to my old friend Pete Brown to hear.

Pete who’d rescued me from the mud at a Jazz Festival when I was 16.

Pete who’d taken me up to Chalk Farm to introduce me to the London Beat Scene – Poetry and Jazz readings at the Cafe des Artistes, Blues For The Hitch-Hiking Dead With Horowtz & Co. parties where Freddie Redd & Jackie McClane played (The Connection was on at the time).

Pete who’d helped me get gigs for poetry readings & publish my poems.

Pete who at the time I took the cassette to him to listen to with the hope he might arrange a release for it, because he was then “in the business” having written songs for The Cream, reacted thus:


I was so outraged by his advice & noting his extensive collection of model airplanes next day wrote the lyrics for the Blurt song “Get” :

Peter pull your chocks out!
Let your little airplanes fly free!
Get them back out on the shooting lot
& retake “From Here to Eternity”!

So pull hard down on the joystick
Let your nose lift off the ground
Because when you are only half way up
You’re neither up nor down

Peter Pull your chocks out
Let your little airplanes fly free
They want to get back to World War 2
They dont want no World War 3″