TERRY – Lucky 7

LUCKY 7 is the feature where we ask artists to name their 6 favourite songs by others, and a lucky 7th song of their own…

Today it’s not a random geezer called Terry, it’s a four piece from Melbourne, Australia, collectively called Terry. Singularly they are called: Amy Hill, Xanthe Waite (also of the Mick Harvey Band), Al Montfort and Zephyr Pavey – which are far more exotic monikers. They a garage band and they come from garageland, now on a second album “Remember Terry” on the Upset The Rhythm label in a short space of time (plus 2 x EPs). They’ve been in session recently on my fav radio show Marc Riley on 6Music, and they’re dry and witty, and short, sharp and gritty, with an Antipodean sense of gallows humour and yet sun-drenched melody. This is the kind of pop that I’ve enjoyed watching on re-runs of Top of the Pops 1984 on BBC4 – truly individual stuff that doesn’t give a shit.

I wanted to find out what they at least give half a shit about musically, but first here’s their vid from “Take Me To The City” from the new record.

Terry have slightly bucked the Lucky 7 formula, in choosing a full 7 songs rather than 6 by others and 1 of their own…but buckle up and enjoy the bonus tunage…

1. OMD – Maid of Orleans
Just heard this song for the first time and it suited my mood perfectly, now it is my favourite song. I have always felt a totally absurd yet profound affection towards Joan of Arc even though I can’t remember the book, this song is now attached to this gross sentimentality.

2. Metropak- OK Let’s Go.
Helen from Metropak runs a B’N’B in Berwick Upon Tweed, We stayed their in 2016 and she whipped us up a great breakfast, Hel mentioned that she used to be in a band. A year later I had found their singles only to have them stolen out of our van in Antwerp.


3. X – Adult Books
This is a perfect song. Anxiety.

4. The Fates – No Romance
“Furia” is an inspiring and creative album. No Romance is a really good song off that album, you’ll want to play it over an over a few times on first listen and the lyrics are great. We are all fans of Una Baines and this is a good example of why.

5. The Reels – Where is the Love?
Dubbo isn’t only known for producing the last woman executed in Australia, it is also known for producing one of Australia’s best, The Reels.

6. Bobbie Gentry – Casket Vignette
“Why are you laughing at me, don’t you believe in eternity”

7. Pappy – Subiaco
The area was settled in 1851 by Italian Benedictine monks. The monks named the area after Subiaco in Italy, the location where Benedict of Nursia, the founder of the Order of Saint Benedict, had begun his work.

https://pappypappy.bandcamp.co m/track/subiaco



Terry album “Remember Terry” is out now, links below: