Thalia Zedek by Lana Caplan

Thalia Zedek by Lana Caplan

“SONG FOR EWE” is the feature where artists beloved by VELVET SHEEP choose an obscure song they’ve been listening to that day.

Today’s guest has a distinctive voice and deep seated emotion at the core of all of her music. She’s  been in several brilliant, cult bands including Uzi, Live Skull, and my favourite, Come. Last year, she released some of her finest material to date on the EP “Six” for Thrill Jockey following up from the equally sterling “Via” – it’s Boston’s finest, singer-songwriter & guitarist par excellence full of poise, power & grace, the nineties rock hero still going strong – Thalia Zedek.

Thalia Zedek by Lana Caplan

Thalia Zedek by Lana Caplan

I first got locked into Thalia’s incisive fretwork and soul-baring psyche circa 1992’s “Eleven:Eleven” on Matador Records, so when “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” came around in ’94 and I had the chance to interview the band in the Columbia Hotel in London for Velvet Sheep fanzine in its original A4 xerox and staples guise, I jumped at the chance. It was to say the least an intense experience. But with Thalia’s lyrics and musical history combined with that of her muse and band mate Chris Brokaw ex of Codeine, I shouldn’t have expected anything less.

It was a pleasure last year to reconvene with Thalia, albeit via e-mail for an interview about her EP “Six” (as the Thalia Zedek Band), which featured on The Quietus website. You can read that here

I also chose the track “Fell So Hard” as one of my tracks of the year for The Quietus site last year.

Thalia Zedek Band - SIX

Thalia Zedek Band – SIX

It was only right that I asked Thalia, a person whose music has touched my life to choose something that’s affected hers recently. A woman of eclectic taste and influence, with a restless spirit and a real passion for music and playing, I knew that Thalia’s choice would be surprising and inspiring.

Over to Thalia:

“Found a couple of weeks ago in a free box in Portland, Maine and currently gracing the turntable: “Gagaku” by The Imperial Court Music of Japan, has been a source of inspiration for “That Hollow Place” a side side side project that me and my friend Heather started a while back. My favourite track today is the 3rd song here called “Manzairaku””.



You can catch up with Thalia’s brilliant records for Thrill Jockey here