THE BLACK DOG – Lucky 7.
Lucky 7 is our regular feature where bands select 6 songs that have influenced their music then, as a bonus, they get to select their Lucky 7th – one of their own!

Today’s guests are an electronica collective from Sheffield who like deep bleeps and deeper seated conspiracy theories, it’s The Black Dog.


The Black Dog. Artwork by Human.

I’m a sucker for the Sheffield Warp sound, and The Black Dog emerged from the same scene as LFO, Autechre & Aphex Twin. Despite shedding two members whose splinter group became Plaid, founder Ken Downie teamed up with Richard & Martin Dust of Dust Science recordings in 2001, and The Black Dog is going strong.

They’re about to release a new album “Neither/Neither” (their seventh in this formation) and the “Commodities & Pavements” 12″ which includes re-workings of album tracks “Platform Lvl 6” and “Commodification” designed to obliterate large bass-bins and sizeable sound systems.

There’s more to a binary code to this band of digital miscreants. They mistrust the all-out information war of a society that appears in control on the surface but whose feet paddle helplessly beneath, and their music is appropriately foreboding. Prescient, sinister and sinewy, the effect is unsettling, but what about the music that makes the hair on their sampler-prodding forearms stand on end?

They say that if a black cat crosses your path it’s lucky. But what about a black dog crossing the path of a Velvet Sheep?

It’s over to Martin Dust to find out….

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The Black Dog “Neither/Neither” album. Dust Science Recordings. Artwork by Human.

1. FKA Twigs – Two Weeks (Live on Jimmy Fallon)

Brilliant performance and song, FKA Twigs is more interesting and experimental than most techno acts that’s for sure.

2. Cabaret Voltaire –  Live 2015

So glad this happened, Richard is back out there, he’s a real hero of ours and it’s great to know that there’s a new Cabs album coming soon.

3. Cee Major & Cracker Vs Marlo & Shuffle-T

One of our favourite UK Rap Battles, Marlo & Shuffle win on entertainment and comedy but Cee & Cracker have a strong game that just doesn’t win through in the end but they had good flow and writtens.

4. Peter Zinovieff and Electronic Music Studios

Peter is one of our favourite people and is the godfather of the home computer as well as EMS, if you use Ableton, you own him a tip of the hat.

5. The Black Dog – The Putter

This is a film we did with Shaun Bloodworth, the company was on the verge of going bankrupt but this video went viral and saved them, pretty proud to have been part of that and to also do something different.

6. Metal Urbain – Panik

French punk with synths and drum machine in 1977, what’s not to like, perhaps the guitar solo!?

7. Bad Brains – Big Take Over

This has everything and this track is one of our favourites, these guys did so much for the US punk scene and they remain one of our favourite bands.


Get the new Black Dog records here at Dust Science.