LUCKY 7 is the feature where we ask bands to name their 6 favourite songs by others, and a lucky 7th song of their own…

Here’s the latest by a band of modern day Lancashire punks, Holly Ross & David Blackwell a.k.a THE LOVELY EGGS. And they’ve got plenty to say about the UK underground scene, so pay attention!



I first came across the Lovely Eggs when the legendary Robert Lloyd of The Nightingales chose them as one of his own Lucky 7 tunes, when he said this about them:

“Holly and David are aces and together they are the best group in the country right now for my money. They’re fab off stage, they’re really tops live, their records are bostin’ and, quite rightly, everybody I know ‘king loves ’em. There are some great pieces to chose from but I think “Panic Plants” is my favourite Eggs number.” (see full feature here)

To promote their new album “This Is Our Nowhere” they’ve been literally “Goofin’ Around (in Lancashire)”, a single released on 13th November on fried egg coloured vinyl (to celebrate their own Egg Records). Check out Holly’s vocal styling that’s part Ari Up part Kate Nash, against a slice of life that’s totally Wolfhounds.

Now behold the Lucky 7 itself from The Lovely Eggs. Hold on tight.

“That thing that that Babybel-end Alex James said about independent music being dead is a load of cheese-coated bullshit. There are fucking loads of amazing independent D.I.Y. Bands knocking around on the Great British Underground scene RIGHT NOW! Here are some we have played with in the past and some we are gunna play with on our ‘Goofin’ Around (in Lancashire)’ UK tour next month. Check em out!

1.The Nightingales- Dumb and Drummer.

The great thing about the British D.I.Y scene is that you get to make friends with loads of other bands. One of our dearest are The Nightingales. They are proper legends and are amazing to play live with as well as to get drunk with after. They embody everything great about the punk rock ethos and they’re still sticking it to the man after 30 odd years. This duet with Robert Lloyd and drummer Fliss is amazing. Punk as fuck!

2. Bus Stop Madonnas – Runnin’ and Lovin’

These are playing with us in Derby at The Hairy Dog on Saturday November 7th. They’re an all girl two piece (drums and guitars) from Nottingham. Their song “Job” sounds like two girls singing Black Flag. Amazing! Look up their Bandcamp. Can not wait to see them live!

3.Cattle- Tanking The Piss

We first discovered Cattle when we played at this year’s Fellfoot Sound Festival in the Lake District. They were playing after us in a fire pit. Yeah, with actual flames and shit. After we played, we packed up really quick so we could see em. They are from Leeds and they have two drummers and this great singer who sings through all these effects and stuff. That gig was really special. It was hypnotic and probably the best gig we’ve seen all year. Here is the actual footage from that gig!

4.Hot Shorts- I Don’t Want To Do My Job Anymore

Hot Shorts are a band from Manchester. We’re playing with em at The Deaf Institute on Saturday November 14th. Can’t beat a video with dogs on skateboards!

5.Herb Diamante- Wasp in a Jam Jar

We first saw Herb Diamante playing at a festival in the Lakes. When he started playing Wasp in a Jam Jar we just thought “who the fuck is THIS!” which is the natural reaction to any amazing band. We couldn’t believe the shit he was coming out with. It was so great we nearly cried. Instead we asked him to come to Lancaster to play a gig with us and then we asked him again to play in Leeds with us. We’re playing at Ulverston Sports and Social Club on Thursday November 12th where he will also be performing on the night. DO NOT MISS!

6. Doglegs- Toot Toot Hey!

You know when you share the bill with a band and you kind of just want to play with them forever. Doglegs are kind of like that. Two lovely people playing fucking great tunes. We always used to ask them to play with us when we were playing in London and Brighton but they are now on hiatus for a bit cos the drummer has moved to Berlin. We want him back NOW! This is an absolutely cracking tune.

7. The Lovely Eggs- Magic Onion

Here’s the lucky 7 of our own. It’s the lead single from our new album ‘This is Our Nowhere’. We released it as a 7” in collaboration with the Flower of Phong label, who is run by our good pal and video directing/illustrating baboon keeper Casey Raymond. He made a special riso-printed booklet for the 7” and we made the video for it in his front room in Cardiff.

You can catch the Lovely Eggs on tour now:
Nov 12th Sports and Social Club, Ulverston
Nov 13th Lancaster Music Co-op’s 30th Anniversary Benefit @ The Yorkshire House, Lancaster
Nov 14th The Deaf Institute, Manchester
Nov 26th Broadcast, Glasgow