LUCKY 7 is the feature where we ask bands to name their 6 favourite songs by others, and a lucky 7th song of their own…

Here’s the latest by a band of perennial punk outsiders that have delivered the most outstanding album of the year to date THE NIGHTINGALES and their enigmatic band leader and former John Peel endorsed PREFECT, ROBERT LLOYD


1. Nightingales – I Itch (Louder Than War)
My Nightingales choice is “I Itch” from our new LP “Mind Over Matter” (Louder Than War). It is roughly about artists who are not appreciated in their lifetimes &/or sheeplike trends. LOL.

My six others are all from artists that I think are top notch but also happen to have become my friends via the Nightingales in one way or another.

2. Christy & Emily “Lovers Talk” from the album “Superstition” (Big Print)
C&E are simply wonderful. It’s been ages since we last played together but I remember them as one of my favourite live bands ever. The whole “Superstition” record is fab and any track would suffice but this one is a bit special.

3. Freakwater “Good For Nothing” from the album “End Time” (Thrill Jockey)

I love Freakwater and “Good For Nothing” is my favourite song off of my favourite of their albums. This is a contender for the ‘Song I wish I’d written’ award. I spent an afternoon drinking with Catherine and Janet once and came away an even bigger fan than I was before.

4. Hotpants Romance “Blow My Fuse” from the album “It’s A Heatwave” (Big Print)

I dunno if Hotpants are my favourite group of all time but certainly everytime I have seen them they have made me happy and that’s got to be good. Plus all three of them are super witty and wise and always a pleasure to be around.

5. Katherine Young “Terra Incognita” from the album “Further Secret Origins” (Porter Records)

Katie is a mighty talent and her “Further Secret Origins” is my favourite album of the last few years. Somehow in the days of myspace I discovered her and asked her to play on the ‘Gales upcoming (at the time) New York gigs. It turned out she is good friends with Christy & Emily and she has become a part time Nightingale ever since contributing some fab bassoon parts on most of our recent records.

6. The Lovely Eggs “Panic Plants” (Cherryade 45)

Holly and David are aces and together they are the best group in the country right now for my money. They’re fab off stage, they’re really tops live, their records are bostin’ and, quite rightly, everybody I know ‘king loves ’em. There are some great pieces to chose from but I think “Panic Plants” is my favourite Eggs number.

7. The Zincs “The Meagre Prick” from the album “Dimmer” (Thrill Jockey)

I met Jim Elkington and saw his ‘band’ by accident about ten years ago at SXSW. I thought his songs were very funny and told him so and we became chums. He really is a quality writer in my opinion and deserves all the plaudits he will surely get when the lazy world wakes up to his mega talent. Another ‘Song I wish I had written’.



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