First things first, ‘Weed for the Parrots’ is the EP title of the year and, as its origin comes from truth (the penniless PARROTS used to beg for dope at their gigs) it’s unlikely to be beaten. The Madrid trio deliver rock & roll with a focus on the great times. Best listened to inebriated, if you’re unfortunate enough to be sober these guys will make you feel drunk. With vocals that make you long for the Kings Of Leon before they took themselves too seriously, even the guitars sound like they’ve had one too many and believe me, that’s meant as a compliment of the highest order.

In the band’s own words the EP is about “Terrible hangovers surrounded by dirt, drinking sangria and eating Chinese noodles.” The baggage of a heavy night is eschewed from the release, leaving you with a snapshot of party that got you in that state in the first place.

In a testament to their brilliance, many of the songs feel improvised, like the craziest jam in living memory recorded & pressed, perhaps with the chance they’ll never be able to recreate the brilliance. But there in lies its beauty, maybe even genius, that as the hangovers fade these songs will be played night after night to a fresh crowd of young guzzlers. The only downside is, being an EP, the party’s over all too soon.

Rating: Bird Flew High