White Fence by Ruth Swanson

White Fence by Ruth Swanson

“SONG FOR EWE” is the feature where artists beloved by VELVET SHEEP choose an obscure song they’ve been listening to that day.

Today’s guest is a man with the same surname as The King, who’s made an unbelievable record with the king of garage Ty Segall, launched his own label and released the brilliant Jessica Pratt record, and has most recently been singing with Cate Le Bon in a project called DRINKS. I’ve got this one back near the top since it’s Velvet Sheep’s April Fall month and obvs this guy played in “Reformation TLC”, “Re-Mit” and also on the song “Black Roof” on last year’s “Sub-Lingual Tablet”. Ladies and gentlemen raise your glasses and sunglasses to the ultra cool Nugget of garage greatness – it’s Tim Presley from The FallWhite Fence.

White Fence by Madeline Allard

White Fence by Madeline Allard

Tim Presley has over the last few years released a couple of Velvet Sheep’s favourite albums – White Fence with Ty Segall’s garage psych-freakout “Hair” and last year’s Drag City album “For The Recently Found Innocent” which was a timeless chunk of garage dream pop, part Byrds, part The Chocolate Watch Band, and although it was the first full studio recorded White Fence album it lost none of Presley’s homespun charm. He’s got an ear for a tune, and not just his own, as witnessed by the Jessica Pratt debut on his own Birth Records, the label he formed to give her a rightful outlet.

Presley’s collaborative effort with country twanged Welsh singer songwriter Cate Le Bon, is titled DRINKS but apparently it’s not collaborative – it’s a solo record with “one mouth, one set of lungs, one voice and four legs”. Synergetic, synaptically challenging, and if the last time he recorded a joint album with another big voice (Segall)  is anything to go by, it will be utterly absorbing.

White Fence "For The Recently Found Innocent"

White Fence “For The Recently Found Innocent”

I was so enamoured with White Fence and Presley I just had to spread the word constantly last year, and after singing his praises to my skate punk scribe mate Zachary Leeks I interviewed him for Caught In The Crossfire skate & music zine here.

So it was with pleasure to come and chat again with Tim over the White Fence, and ask him about an obscure song he’d enjoyed lately. If I gave him the chance I knew he’d picket. (My fence pun, hope you’re not offended). About time to get…

…over to Tim: 

“This is Meredith Monk with Don Preston “Candy Bullets and Moon” (Aunt Jamina and the United Pancakes) 1967. If you wanna know who your interesting friends are, put on one of her records in a group setting. I don’t know if “Candy Bullets and Moon” has ever been sampled but it’s highly likely. I love researching what hip hoppers have sampled. I’ve learned about many amazing musicians and music through this pursuit. With that said, I could listen to this on loop all day” TP


Here’s White Fence at Drag City.

‘Sup DRINKS. Good looking out.