“SONG FOR EWE” is the feature where artists beloved by VELVET SHEEP choose an obscure song they’ve been listening to that day.

Today’s guest played bass on one of my favourite records of all time, a much heralded but still fairly obscure masterpiece credited for starting post rock, but which was the high watermark in a burgeoning punk scene in Louisville, Kentucky. Without “Spiderland” we wouldn’t have had Mogwai. Or Tortoise. And that alone would’ve made the world a less interesting place. While the half whispered, half shouted words/lyrics by Brian McMahan and Britt Walford captured in a starkly mic-ed room by Steve Albini made the hairs on the neck bristle, it was the driving rhythm of this man that kept things always moving, always angular, for me most at its most invigorating on the toothsome “Nosferatu Man” – it’s Louisville legend Todd Brashear of Slint!

Last year I was lucky enough to get commissioned to interview Slint for a piece in The Quietus which you can read here. It was to discuss the recently released music doc about the making of “Spiderland” in 1991, called “Breadcrumb Trail” directed by an old Jackass associate of mine Lance Bangs, and also a UK tour which had seemingly come out of the blue. I was disappointed to find there’d be no new Slint music, but I was enthralled to speak to Britt over Skype. It was an intense chat that followed his trip to Whole Foods. Dave Pajo also was kind enough to provide some words via e-mail (prior to what turned out to be a very tough time for him, glad you’re well Dave), but it was the kindly and warm words from Todd Brashear which really tied loose ends together and brought the piece to life, gave it some apt rhythm.

Although he didn’t tour with Slint in the UK (or much at all) he had been an integral part of the recording of “Spiderland” a record I still listen to regularly and which often gives me goose bumps. So it is with a similar frisson that I was pleased to get Todd’s contribution to Velvet Sheep’s favourite ongoing feature. This is his “song for ewe”, and it’s a little bit country, a little bit rock & roll. Enough pontificating and cliche, it’s…

Over to Todd:

“How about “Railroad Lady” sung by Lefty Frizzell. It was written by Jimmy Buffett. Willie Nelson did a great version of it on his tribute album “To Lefty from Willie”. 

I was talking about it this AM when some friends brought up Jimmy Buffett & I was using it as an example of how he wrote some good songs”



Slint on Touch & Go Records here…including the Slint “Spiderland”  remastered box set.