John Peel mentions Velvet Sheep fanzine on his show, 26th May, 1995. The show featured a session by Caspar Brotzmann Massaker, and by coincidence the issue i had sent Peel also had an interview with Brotzmann, which he reads from! Peel then goes onto read out other contents and my old home address three times. Characteristically includes mention of a false ending of the outgoing Brotzmann track “Peel Party” and then joins the incoming song by the Super Furry Animals at an indeterminate point! I had been out when the show aired, but got back to my student room to find a note from a neighbour (Tom Walker) to say it had been mentioned. I could have bursted with excitement. Another friend, Alex Hunger from the band Cats Paw and Submerge fanzine had also heard and taped the show – as he did all Peel shows, so I was able to get this copy, only just transferred from a C90. Sounds warped but contains the unmistakeable and cockle-warming tones of my old hero John Peel.