Here’s a link to last night’s seventh episode of Velvet Sheep radio – a show that’s broadcast fortnightly on

There’s an edifying eclectic playlist and the very best “songs for ewe”…

Including picks from the following:
Sam Coomes (Quasi)
Anna B Savage
Rob Pursey (The Catenary Wires)
Mark Emmerson (The Lucid Dream)
Andy Warren (The Monochrome Set)
Charlie Wyatt (Thee MVPs)
Pete Greenway (Imperial Wax)
Delilah Holliday (Skinny Girl Diet)

not forgetting the awesome jingles by NY noise icons Big Stick and UK indie lights Jane & John

please have a listen via Mixcloud…

And here’s the full playlist:

  1. Jon Spencer Blues Explosion – Back Slider
  2. Sam Coomes – Tough Times In A Plastic Land / Everybody Loves A War
  3. Monitor & Meat Puppets – Hair
  4. Quasi – Alice The Goon
  5. Melvins – Brian, The Horse Faced Goon
  6. Flock of Dimes – Price of Blue
  7. MJ Hibbett & The Validators – Do The Indie Kid
  8. Band of Holy Joy – That Magic Thing
  9. Anna B Savage – Dead Pursuits
  10. Tsegue-Maryam Guebro – Homesickness
  11. The Catenary Wires – Wish You Were Here Now
  12. Blue Orchids – Deeper Than Sin
  13. Talk Talk – Life’s What You Make It
  14. The Lucid Dream – Sunrise
  15. Kraftwerk – Europe, Endless
  16. The Monochrome Set – Eux Tous
  17. Thee MVPs – Ship Episode, Planet Episode
  18. OBN III’s – No Time For The Blues (Live in SF)
  19. Johanna Samuels – Single File
  20. Little Mazarn – Werewolf
  21. Imperial Wax – Rammy Taxi Illuminati
  22. Cleo & The Crystaliers – Please Be My Guy
  23. Sugar Pie DeSanto – Never Love A Stranger
  24. Skinny Girl Diet – Outsider
  25. X – I Don’t Want To Go Out