On the Velvet Sheep radio show, I play the tip top tunes picked as part of the fanzine’s “song for ewe” feature where favourite artistes old and new choose an obscure-ish song they’ve enjoyed lately.

With no rules on genre or era, the songs range from psychobilly freakouts to psychedelic workouts, rare doo-wop to classic punk rock, pastoral to choral and extreme noise terror to elegant ambient soundscapes.

This week’s cross-railing artists with “songs for ewe” were:
Michael Rother (NEU!)
Ben Swank (Soledad Brothers/Third Man Records)
David Lance Callahan (The Wolfhounds)
John Henderson (Tiny Global Productions)
Martin Bramah (Blue Orchids)
HAZE XXL (Amphetamine Reptile Records)

Plus new songs by Oldfield Youth Club, Horace Andy, Nilufer Yanya, Gustavo Tashimura and Japanese Television…


Full playlist:

  1. Dennis Bovell – Silly Dub
  2. Horace Andy – Safe From Harm
  3. NEU! – Negativland
  4. Michael Rother & Vittoria Maccabruni – Edgy Smiles
  5. Little Richard – Whole Lotta Shakin’ Going On
  6. Soledad Brothers – Shaky Puddin’
  7. The Alan Parsons Project – Don’t Answer Me
  8. Oldfield Youth Club – Theme From The OYC
  9. Bobby Darin – Nature Boy
  10. David Lance Callahan – Always
  11. Gemma Rogers – Stop
  12. Nilufer Yanya – Shameless
  13. Japanese Television – Ghoul Rules
  14. R. Dean Taylor – There’s A Ghost In My House
  15. Blue Orchids – No Ghosts No Answers
  16. The Growlers – Sea Lion Goth Blues
  17. Rachid Taha – Rock The Casbah
  18. The Clash – Rock The Casbah (Ranking Roger)
  19. Gustavo Yashimura – Romance de Guitarrero
  20. The Saints – Know Your Product
  21. Sack – Latter Day Saint
  22. Terry Edwards & The Scapegoats – Hey Louis Let’s Do Lunch
  23. The Rice University Marching Owl Band – Louie, Louie
  24. Rockin Robin’ Roberts – Louie, Louie
  25. Helmet – Born Annoying
  26. The Wailers – Hang Up
  27. Peter Tosh – Ketchy Shuby