On the Velvet Sheep radio show, I play the best tunes picked as part of the fanzine’s “song for ewe” feature where favourite artistes old and new choose an obscure-ish song they’ve enjoyed lately.

With no rules on genre or era, the songs range from psychobilly freakouts to psychedelic workouts, rare doo-wop to classic punk rock, pastoral to choral and extreme noise terror to elegant ambient soundscapes.

This week’s show (the 27th episode) features “song for ewe” picks by the following iconclasts and reprobates:

Kid Congo Powers 
Ripley Johnson (Rose City Band/Wooden Shjips)
Elena Setien
Circuit des Yeux
Black Mekon
John Scally (The Orchids)
Mark Cisneros (Kid Congo Powers & Pink Monkey Birds/Des Demonas/Hammered Hulls)

Plus new tunes by Kev Hopper, Logan Lynn and THANK.

Testify!! (and listen back here!)

Full playlist:

  1. The Cramps – Green Door
  2. The Gun Club – Preaching The Blues
  3. Black Mekon – Drop The Gate
  4. Oblivians – What’s The Matter Now
  5. Rose City Band – Morning Light
  6. Vibracathedral Orchestra – Roll On Roll Off
  7. Moon Duo – Jukebox Babe
  8. Kid Congo Powers – Peanuts
  9. Suicide – Diamonds, Fur Coat, Champagne
  10. Kid Congo & The Pink Monkey Birds – He Walked In
  11. The Art Ensemble of Chicago – Theme de Yoyo
  12. The Blue Orchids – I’m A Living Sickness
  13. Circuit des Yeux – Dogma
  14. Kath Bloom & Loren Connors – The Breeze / My Baby Cries
  15. Elena Setien – Unfamiliar Minds
  16. Rafael Berrio – Mis Ayeres Muertos
  17. Logan Lynn – Baby Britain
  18. Laura Veirs – Between The Bars
  19. The Orchids – I Don’t Mean To Stare
  20. Secrets of The Third Planet – I Live A Dream (The Dayoffs Instrumental Dub Mix)
  21. Kev Hooper – Aroo R.A.
  22. THANK – Good Boy
  23. Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs feat. The Lovely Eggs – Hot Stuff
  24. Janis Martin – Bang Bang