VODUN – Lucky 7.

LUCKY 7 is the feature where we ask bands to name their 6 favourite songs by others, and a lucky 7th song of their own. Today we feature my favourite new band Vodun!


Bringing to mind the fire of early Skunk Anansie, Vodun’s love for the West African religion twists this until it feels like Tina Turner in Ken Russell’s ‘Tommy’ fronting Deep Purple on acid. And if you can hear a comparison between Royal Blood and Band of Skulls, then it’ll be no surprise their new album ‘Possession’ was mixed by Tom Dalgety (Royal Blood, Turbowolf, Band of Skulls).

With Ogoun pounding the drums and The Marassa (gotta love someone who’s first name’s The) riffing hard on guitar, it’s a credit to the band that all three forces feel just as vital, especially considering Oya’s awe inspiring vocals could topple mere mortals. Vodun deserve major success, the same afforded to bands like the aforementioned Royal Blood and I just hope people get involved as, despite the tribal image, they’re pure unadulterated rock.

Over to Vodun for their Lucky 7!

1. Turbowolf – ‘Rich Gift’
Oya: I’ve chosen this track as, firstly, we love Turbowolf and have firmly been in their fan camp for years. Finally, we were able to join forces somewhat as they requested my vocal musings on this song. ‘Rich Gift’s is one of their most epic songs from their album ‘Two Hands’, the solo is inspired and the long drawn out vocal fade out was a superb idea.

2. Young Fathers – ‘Shame’
Ogoun: Such a great and unique band from Edinburgh that I can’t stop listening to. I saw them live in Melbourne a few weeks ago and they were mind blowing, they are described on wiki as having a reputation for having a “fierce live show” and I can to confirm this is 100% true. This was a tough pick as they have so many good tracks both on ‘White People are Black People Too’ and their debut album ‘Dead’.

3. Deep Purple – ‘Mistreated’
The Marassa:  I would like to put forward this classic 1974 track from Deep Purple’s album burn ‘Mistreated’. This song always hits the soul, from the perfectly executed heartbroken vocals of David Coverdale to the way Ritchie Blackmore pours his heart from his fingertips through his guitar.

4. Lea Lea – ‘Drum of Death’
Oya: This song has a fantastically infectious chorus and compels me to dance to the slightly tribal drum rhythm that dominates. The song looks at death in a slightly different way, describing it as a ceremony to not be feared. The video gives a strong Creole vibe, which is apt as her take on death is not dissimilar to the attitudes of Creole culture and the celebration of life when someone passes.

5. Petrol Girls – ‘Slug’
Ogoun: The singer, Ren, described the song at their EP launch show in London as, first of all, being about depression and how depression is like anger turned inward, which I thought was interesting. But then it morphs in, encompassing their thoughts and views on the migrant crisis – particularly in Calais (Ren has been a regular visitor to the camp). The chorus lyric is “these are the walls these are the words, I can see them forming blocks around my days.” It’s a ferocious and chaotic song – but also SUPER catchy and with a vital underlying message.

6. Dream Theater – ‘Dance of Eternity’
The Marassa: My second selection is from Dream Theater’s concept album ‘Metropolis – Part I: Scenes of a Memory, Act 2 scene 7’, “The Dance of eternity”. This instrumental track is full of complicated time signature changes, great melodies, lead breaks and really showcases the world class musicianship of Dream Theater.

Oya: This is one of our songs that has had various incarnations of itself, and has developed into something that still makes me excited to sing. If we’re talking about my overall view on voodoo, this song is about the beginning and the end of all things, and the desire to be connected with that force.

Vodun’s debut album Possession was released March 25th via Riff Rock Records and the band have just announced a co-headline tour with Limb for April 2016, with an album launch show at London’s Lexington April 7th.

Vodun Tour Poster

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