BLUR ‘The Magic Whip’ Album Review

Not as heavy or indie as most of our garage rock loves, Blur are as much ingrained in Velvet Sheep’s DNA as late night rocking & cheesecake of the terminal variety. Locked in Velvet Sheep founder Nick Hutchings’ bedroom when we were mere fuzzy felt lambs, we knew instantly that the pre-release copy of ‘Parklife’ Nick had obtained was something special. My ears were sworn to secrecy & upon leaving this young man’s den of rock I had to forget all I’d heard, I was to tell no one. But I didn’t forget. I remembered it all & I told everyone.

In retrospect ‘Parklife’ wasn’t Blur’s greatest achievement, for many it was their eponymous release, also dubbed “Graham’s album”, and ‘The Magic Whip’ feels close to that LP’s brilliance. ‘Lonesome Street’ is a lost classic & everything else is the best our favourite mockney’s have delivered since 1997. The return of Damon & the boys? Pah! This is Graham & the gang back to their very best.

Rating: 11 Ice Cream Cones

‘The Magic Whip’ is available to buy now: