Supporting Whitfield Crane on his first ever tour, DandyLions RAAWWKKED the RAWWWWK CITY! This is a band I’ve never had the opportunity to see live, so I couldn’t believe my luck when I arrived to them sound checking.

Dandy Lions Rock City

Like a cross between the Darkness (before they became their own joke) and Andrew WK, the DandyLions could be Nottingham’s best new band. Watching them is a thing of pure glam joy. Singer/wrestler Fortune Boy (in his civies tonight) has one amazing voice, screeching with a power handed down from the Gods. There’s been a few line-up changes over the years but they’ve now hit on what will surely become their classic line-up.

Bassist ‘Biscuit’ and guitarist Daniel Dodds also know how to perform. Firing their guitars into the air with so much ferocity I’m sure I could see fireworks blasting out the headstocks. And that’s gotta be the band’s goal, to get to the point where they can afford pyrotechnics – not that they’d need to use them, just to be able to afford them.

Air guitar inducing solos, Queen style hand claps and sweet based audience interaction

Armed with a battalion of catchy songs, the DandyLions have a knowing 80s cheese rock vibe. Complete with air-guitar-inducing-solos, Queen style hand claps and sweet based audience interaction. Like a family friendly Steel Panther, the band launch into their hit ‘Pick & Mix’ whilst throwing Haribo based treats into the hungry crowd. I’ve always wondered what kept Wilcos in business.

Dandy Lions

One of the closing highlights had to be Daniel’s blistering guitar solo, played behind his head. Not enough people do that, in fact no one does it apart from Pearl Jam’s Mike McCready. A winner of Nottingham’s ‘Battle of the Bands’, it would be an injustice if they weren’t shot into the stratosphere. The DandyLions know how to have fun and they glam rocking mean it.

Rating: Stadium Rock in the Rock City Basement