DIRTY FENCES ‘Full Tramp’ (Slovenly)

These beauties from Brooklyn are playing killer track “Judy (Don’t Go)” which gets the ‘Full Tramp’ stamp of approval.

Judy is a punk, and that’s why the Ramones enthralled scuzz bucket glam racketeers Dirty Fences don’t want her to go. Using “The Dirt” as their how-to-guide, they will probably wind up making both friends and enemies, throwing windmills and numchucks, punching bouncers and kissing groupies. It’s a helluva ride back into the 80s on the four DeLoreans of the apocalypse.

They clearly love KISS and the Crue too, but they stomp like the Dictators and remind me of the trash spew of the Lee Harvey Oswald Band.

Their tunes are catchy like a throbbing coldsore and just as difficult to shake.

Songs like “Deep In Your Heart”, “Just Can’t Wait” and “Heartbeater” put me in mind of the time I enjoyed/endured a Tequila Stuntman in a jungle bound bar in Costa Rica with Jeff Tremaine, chief creator and instigator of Jackass. After much goading it consisted of the pouring of a vodka shot into an  eyeball. Salt was also involved. It seemed like a good idea at the time, during a crazy night, but the severe repercussions were sorely felt in the cold light of day. Listening to the Dirty Fences have much the same effect.

Rating: Dirty Three and a Third.
Available here: https://slovenly.bandcamp.com/album/dirty-fences-full-tramp-lp