DMA’S LIVE – MTV Unplugged Review

The history of MTV Unplugged is engrained in the very wool of Velvet Sheep. There was a time when even the most rebellious of grunge icons couldn’t resist the pull of the stripped down performance. Pearl Jam, Alice in Chains and of course Nirvana, were just the excuse these fuzzy felt lambs needed to expose our sensitive sides.

Wind forward some 25 years and despite the very concept of music television feeling old hat (to think there was a time when people feared it would kill live music!) the honour of a prestigious unplugged set remains.

DMA's MTV Unplugged

Singer Tommy O’Dell showcases a dream like beauty to his voice. Disposing of the early Brit twang, Tommy has evolved a tone that can whisk you away to your very own night garden.

Reworking of classic DMA’s like ‘Lay Down’ also thrive in their unplugged guise. Presenting a stripped down 80s optimism that has an almost Simple Minds vibe, with a pop dash of dare I say it, Wet Wet Wet in there too. A beautiful album.

Rating: Lush lush lush