DOMMENGANG ‘Everybody’s Boogie’ (Thrill Jockey)

When I tweeted that ‘Everybody’s Boogie’ was my soundtrack to walking to The New Den to see Millwall play a crunch relegation decider, Thrill Jockey Records stated it was never something they thought they’d hear.

That’s possibly because this expansive post rock has whipped across from America’s Northwest coast on the jetstream and into South London in an inauspicious yet menacing way, like a thundercloud threatening to rain on a black heart.

Compadres of like-minded souls Pontiak, could it be that the car in the motel carpark on the album cover is a nod to their friends? It could easily also be a Trans Am, not sure if my car recognition is up to (key down the sider of a fender) scratch.

Don’t be fooled there’s not much boogie-ing going down, but there’s plenty of head down, precision rock, not heard with quite so much aplomb since the much underrated Karate chopped me in the solar plexus. Glum with poise, missives delivered with a whisper and half-hit hi-hats,  it’s a subtle ride, but no less powerful.

Rating: No half measures.