ELVANA – Nottingham Rescue Rooms Live Review, 15-09-2017

Fresh from the bowels of Disgraceland, the moment Elvana walk on stage it hits you, this is a work of genius. A self aware mix of musical brilliance, the timing of a standup comic and a man who loves his burgers.


Love buzzing as the band hit the stage at the sold out Rescue Rooms, the first thing you notice is the guitar sound, it’s phenomenal not to mention accurate. But let it be said, Elvana’s King is the ultimate showman and his hound dog moves never get old, ever. With a rich vein of source material Elvana come close to constructing the perfect set. Flowing seamlessly from Nirvana into Elvis, the burst from Aneurysm into Viva Las Vegas was thrilling but it’s their ‘Rape Me Tender’ that has become their very own classic.

Much like a standup gig it’s the moments of spontaneity that make it special. At one point the draft-dodging impersonator headed into the crowd to soak up the glory, when a weakling student failed miserably to instigate a crowd surf. The king narrowly avoided a stint on the floor but his recounting of the event showed some genuine comic chops.

The World’s Finest Elvis Fronted Nirvana Tribute

It’s easy to focus on the man in the white pantsuit but the rhythm section are spot on. The guitarist’s shaky head and massive grin, windmills and jumping around also brings complete joy to the performance. And even when Elvis did leave the building the band returned for a blisteringly funny encore. Strangely there was no Teen Spirit. The crowd were wound so tightly for Nirvana’s biggest hit it became a tension that was never released and a odd choice not to play it.


Elvana claim to be the world’s finest Elvis fronted Nirvana tribute act but I’d go as far as to say they’re the world’s greatest tribute act. Tribute bands can be a sad and deluded affair but no one comes away from an Elvana gig feeling dirty. The fact this hasn’t been done before is astounding, there’s gotta be money to be made franchising this baby. In fact it’s so good I’m gonna start my own hybrid-tribute band, here’s some ideas I’ve been kicking around:

  1. The Red Hot Dolly Partons
  2. David Boasis
  3. Fred Zeppelin
  4. Shirly Temple Pilots
  5. Elton Jon Bon Jovi
  6. Prince Floyd
  7. Madonatallica
  8. Fleetwood MacCartney
  9. Queens of the Rolling Stone Age
  10. Jackson N Roses

Truth is none of these are as good as Elvana, though I’d definitely see The Red Hot Dolly Partons. Elvana have hit upon magic, serving up a heart attack inducing meal of entertainment fried up in their joyous chapel of love. I totally loved this band and if you’re thinking about getting a ticket you need to jump quick, they’re selling out every gig.

Rating: You Are Always on my Nevermind x1 million

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