‘These Systems Are Failing’ Album Review

Moby - These Systems Are Failing

In 1999 no record collection was complete without a copy of Moby’s ‘Play’. People congratulated themselves at dinner parties for owning it and students used it as a key weapon in their arsenal of seduction. What many might not know is Moby was, and still is, a punk rocker, a metalhead even. It’s this Moby we welcome back with open arms on ‘The Systems Are Failing’. Here we’re treated to an album of pop-rock-industrial goodness, that boasts compelling, relentless beats that drive the organic melodies and hooks Moby is so well known for. There’s also a touch of 80s electronic new wave thrown in, bringing to mind the Human League’s Phil Oakey at greatest of meat raffles [throws in obscure Vic Reeves reference].

If you need any more convincing, check out Moby’s amazingly dark video for ‘Are You Lost In The World Like Me’, which gained a million views in only 3 days.

“These Systems Are Failing.
Let them fail.
Change or die.”

Rating: 180 Gorgeously Bald Heads

Available now in all good record shops or to download now from iTunes or stream on Spotify.