QUEEN ZEE – Debut Album Review

Queen Zee

I have a theory that the best new bands are LBQT+. It’s a bold statement but if you know people might not accept you, it must be incredibly liberating not to have to try. And when boundaries do need to be broken down, what better way to do it than with the anthemic excellence delivered on Queen Zee’s debut album.

After discovering Queen Zee on tour we described them as “Like that bastard child of Johnny Rotten and Brian Molko, who had an affair with David Bowie, held hands with Kurt Cobain, flirted with Billy Corgan then copped off with Joan Jett.” A year later Queen Zee deliver an album that makes good on their live promise of loud and infectious punk rock.

In the 60s The Who disingenuously claimed they hoped they’d die before they get old. In 2019 Queen Zee screaming “You fuck like a porno movie” feels like an honesty that will never age. This is the kind of riotous energy that has led to them being a cult in their own right. Live each band member is dripping with charisma and on their debut long player the group combine to deliver an orgasmic orgy of sound that beats-hard throughout its 10 blistering tracks.

Sometimes it feels like the good days are behind us but with Queen Zee we have not only hope, but proof that there’s light at the end of these turdish times. Queen Zee tear through their debut like #metoo through Hollywood, with a magical punk ferocity and a middle finger to anyone who’s not on board. It’s only the second month of 2019 but Queen Zee may already have claimed album of the year.

Our rating: 10,000 Hot Shags