Queen Zee Bodega Nottingham

Queen Zee are the best new band by a massive mile. Rocking Nottingham’s Bodega to its core with tracks from their debut album, every song already feels like a classic.

Perhaps jaded from the working week, the Nottingham crowd at first lacked energy but were soon on form after some gentle encouragement from front-person Zee, who baited them about a lively Newcastle throng the night before. Good work Zee, they a needed kick up the arse.

Zee gets a lot of the attention but this is clearly a group effort. Each band member is irresistible to watch, from Ash’s thrashing around, to the intensity of Jay’s musical passion, Dave’s driving drums and Frankie’s born to-be-on-stage bass. The sum of the parts are clearly greater than the whole.

In our Queen Zee live review last year we said that “if there’s any justice in this world Queen Zee will cross over”. A year later Justice has been served. The reason for Queen Zee’s crossover is simple, it’s all about the music. Starved of great new rock, the crowd boasted everything from LBQT+ teens, to parents with their offspring, all the way through to the straight and the not-so-straight pensioners. Surprisingly the crowd were a little older than I expected but in a good way, full of people who’ve loved great music their entires lives, as it continues to pound through their veins whilst they continue their search for the next big thing. The next step for Queen Zee surely has to be the attention of the wider world.

Queen Zee are a band who has figured it out and the secret is staggeringly simple, all you need is great songs and Queen Zee don’t have a bad song in them.

Rating: The Saviours of Rock

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