THE BLIND SHAKE ‘Fly Right’ (Slovenly)

Given both the John Dwyer seal of approval and swami John Reis’ blessing, The Blind Shake have also collaborated with guitar crank Michael Yonkers and toured with OBN III’s.

It’s no wonder, given the reverb drenched psychobilly freakout of noise emanating from this Minneapolis power trio. The Blind Shake are led by bald-domed brothers in arms Jim and Mike Blaha and drummer from another mother Dave Roper.

Since 2009 they’ve packed in five long reckids, but although this new 9 track EP is dialled back into black from in the red, the punk pop still packs a punch.

It’s plain 4-4 but although you think you might know the score, there’s always a spaghetti surf jam or hairless wig out to pull the carpet from under your Converse.

Rating: Surfing high. 
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