Anne Garner by Maya McAllister Demangeat

“SONG FOR EWE” is the feature where artists & music people beloved by VELVET SHEEP choose an obscure song they’ve been listening to that day. Today’s guest is a singer of great portent and evocative atmosphere. I first became aware of her via Velvet Sheep patron saint (sir?) Johny Brown of the Band of Holy Joy when he chose the song “Your Name” as part of a Lucky 7 song playlist to promote his birthday gig / indoor festival named after a forthcoming BOHJ song “The Devil Has A Hold On The Land”. Having listened to her mournful and monumental album “Lost Play” on Slowcraft Records, it is beguiling and discomforting in equal measure, with a brooding menace and a graceful beauty. Each lyric is carefully selected and delicately annunciated in an album as crushingly moving as Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds “Skeleton Key”, with a voice as tingling as Lisa Germano, where the gaps between the Joanna Newsom-esque arrangements are as weighty as the words themselves. It’s a real pleasure to welcome such hairs on the back of the neck upstanding rare talent to VS and to introduce the singular Anne Garner.

Sleeve artwork by Bobbie Russon for Anne Garner “Lost Play” on Slowcraft Records

Here’s what Anne chose as her impeccable “song for ewe”…

“I was reminded of Bill Fay today, quietly pleased when an interviewer likened his economical lyrical approach to mine. I remember first hearing him on Later… with Jools Holland performing “Never Ending Happening”.

He didn’t play live in the studio like the other acts, they had to clear the room if I remember right, he was so nervous. I just found it all very sincere, moving and powerful, the song has stayed with me ever since.”

Thanks Anne!

You can get “Lost Play” right now, here on Bandcamp.

And more on Anne on her website


and, here’s the Anne Garner song chosen by Johny Brown (from previous album “Be Life”)

And so it begins: with a beautiful lullaby, sung in a gentle manner, as dark clouds slowly gather, over the far flung shores, where a sense of idyll has always made this the most beautiful place to be. But now a sense of helplessness is pervading and it’s all we can do to call out your name, knowing you’re drifting fast, soon to be swept away. I love this song sung by Anne Garner, from her most recent album “Be Life”. This is a different kind of Northern Soul and a kind that I love immensely, lovers and dreamers gather round here…