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“SONG FOR EWE” is the feature where artists & music people beloved by VELVET SHEEP choose an obscure song they’ve been listening to that day. Today our guest is one third of synth pop band Au Revoir Simone (beloved of David Lynch) and is about to release a debut solo album called “Impossible Accomplice” (Instant Records, due 15th Sept).

She’s been in Twin Peaks, as a solo artist she’s recently opened for Neko Case and M Ward, she’s from Brooklyn but she’s been hanging in Portland where she’s been bouncing around with a mate’s Roland drum pad and Rickenbakker bass and coming up with some supersweet love songs. Now she’s here on Velvet Sheep fanzine and I’m chuffed. Welcome to VS, Annie Hart!

Annie is a sophisticated songwriter that combines panache with gusto, here’s evidence of that below with this great live pic…

Photo by Shijing Wang

but she does beauty too…

and has impeccable and eclectic taste…as her “song for ewe” is testament to…over to Annie…

“Bahon Mein Chale Aao”

I found out about this song when I was going through a serious Lata Mangeshkar phase about five years ago. I don’t think that this youtube video does justice to the sonics inherent in the piece, but I encourage you to find a higher-quality version and bliss out.

If you know pretty much anything about Bollywood, you will know that Lata Mangeshkar is simply the woman. She dubbed tons and tons and tons of songs for various films. Which finally explained to me why the women in popular Bollywood films mostly sound the same. She has an incredible voice, I see no reason not to do that.

This song is from the movie “Animika,” which revolves around an amnesia plotline (always rife for laughs/tragedy), so when you are watching this, know that the female character thinks she’s married to the male character (or pretending she thinks she is…I won’t tell).

I absolutely love how this songs ebbs and flows. It starts with that gentle bouncy rhythm and long held out high notes. When it climaxes to the long “Yeh Sang Hai Umar Bhar Kaaaaaaaaa!!!!” you hear those “shh shh shh shh”s, which I thought were simply creative mouth percussion. I consider them even better now that I know they are part of a plot element. I love the composition of this, how there are so many creative starts and stops with various instruments and vocals ringing out alone. And even with that kind of jerky feeling, it’s still utterly swayable and endlessly inspiring.

I love this love song.”



pre-order the album here:


more info on Annie here:


and these UK solo live dates incoming too!

Sunday 1st October – By The Sea Festival, Margate (tickets)
Monday 2nd October – Shacklewell Arms, London (tickets)
Saturday 7th October – Le Pop-Up du Label, Paris (tickets)