“SONG FOR EWE” is the feature where artists & music people beloved by VELVET SHEEP choose an obscure song they’ve been listening to that day. Today it’s a sensational compositional and improvisational artiste, Bill Nace. He’s one-half of the duo Body/Head with Kim Gordon, but his second solo album “Through A Room” is out on Drag City on 11th November and it’s a lupine howl of sonic experimentation and cataclysmic art. To listen to this with the darkness of Halloween fast approaching is to hear EVP meets electro magnetic pulse eruptions, static in acoustics but never static in forward propulsion into the depths of your own soul.

Where Nace’s first solo album 2020’s “Both” was a honing down of a spontaneous live performance, “Through A Room” is a build up of textures and palettes, music concrete constructed with breeze blocks. It does definitely require deep, active listening, preferably through headphones, and in that context, it’s like a subcutaneous journey through your own future metallic cyber exoskeletal skin. I was keen to get this brave new sonic adventurer onto VS to explore his inner-psyche via a telling music pick, and it certainly fits the brief. Welcome to Velvet Sheep, Bill Nace!

In the meantime, here’s a video for “The Giant” by Sarah Lanzillotta and Jake Meginsky…

Here’s the artwork to “Through A Room” which to me looks part James Rosenquitz pop art meets MC Escher trompe l’oeuil, which seems apt given the mix of metallurgy and mesmeric trickery in Nace’s latest opus.

On “Through A Room” Bill Nace employs his trusty guitar plus tapes, hurdy gurdy, doughnut pipe, quelle est belle bird calls and his latest instrument du jour, a Japanese Nagoya harp – the taishōgoto. But when he’s put the boxes of tricks down, what has he been slamming on the boom box of late?

Without further ado, here’s Bill Nace’s “song for ewe” which reads pleasingly like an internal monologue.

“Is MAN considered prog?”

“To some. But I mostly think of them as advance minded speed-freaks that slung a future brand of rock and roll”

“Yeh! That’s what I’m hearing…. this shit sounds like what I love about kraut rock and the process of weeding out!”


Yes Bill!! Yes!

Here’s another tasty composition from “Through A Room” – “E.E”



“Through A Room” is out on November 11th, you can pre-order it from Bandcamp on the link below…