“SONG FOR EWE” is the feature where artists & music people beloved by VELVET SHEEP choose an obscure song they’ve been listening to that day.

Today, we are celebrating Velvet Sheep’s “Song of the Year” 2021 and a bit like in the album choice, I’ve hedged my bets, but make no apology for it, as despite the continuing uncertainty of these dark times, it’s been a positively burgeoning crop of new, great music this year, so I’ve got a joint number one. Alright?

And for one of those number ones, it’s a welcome return to the top of the chats, in with a bullet etc for Blue Orchids with lead song “Deeper Than Sin” from a truly great album full of melancholic grit, Vimto and vigour: “Speed The Day” on Tiny Global Productions.

Last top of the tree for the sardonically self referential “Get Bramah” in 2018, the Blue Orchids just get better and better, and “Deeper Than Sin” is an instant garage classic. It has a insistent organ sound, an unshakable drive and a chillingly cutting snarl from band leader Martin Bramah, not to mention a Vaudevillean (or possible Vaude-villain) theatre ending that wraps the whole pop nugget up in a neat bow/garotte.

And as if that wasn’t enough, we’ve also got Martin’s pick for his favourite “song for ewe” from 2021 (also choosing an unmistakably voiced alumnus from this feature).

But first, ta-da-da, it’s our joint number one song of the year, the unwaveringly intense and turbulently atmospheric “Deeper Than Sin”… (which you can and should also buy on this Bandcamp link of course).

Not only is Martin Bramah an incisive songwriter with a relatable spark of wit and a sparkle in his eye, he’s also got impeccable taste, and his favourite tune this year is no exception. Without further ado, this is Martin’s 2021 “song for ewe”…

“For my Song For Ewe song of the year, I’ve chosen ‘Vanishing’ by Ciruit Des Yeux. To me this is the sound of 2021. Dark and brooding with real depth, mystery and passion.

Haley Fohr has a mordacious wit about her and a voice like no other. One is transported to a splendid cavern of classically carved sound on the edge of a forgotten world. The string arrangement is magnificently insistent.

The words hint at some enticing hidden truth. This genre defying music is a must for any neo-avant-garde beatniks out there. It is delightfully serious and carefree all at once. Quite spellbinding, in the finest sense.”


You can invest and inestimably improve your record collection with all manner of Blue Orchids records here:


And if Martin’s pick has piqued your interest for all things Circuit des Yeux, further yr education with Haley Fohr’s “song for ewe” choice…