“SONG FOR EWE” is the feature where artists & music people beloved by VELVET SHEEP choose an obscure song they’ve been listening to that day. Today’s guest is one of the nicest men in rock & roll, and also one of the most prolific and prodigious drummers of our generation having kept the raucous rhythm for Pussy Galore, Sonic Youth, Bewitched, Chrome Cranks, the Knoxville Girls, Action Swingers, Five Dollar Priest, Lydia Lunch’s Retrovirus, the Wolfmanhattan Project. Legendary for his use of kits with bits appropriated from junkyards, purloined percussion, he was a recycling pioneer before being green was even a thing. How else could he make the otherworldly sounds that weren’t so much from garageland as another world on the likes of Pussy Galore’s “Dial M For Motherfucker”, through which I first came in contact with our hero for a 25th anniversary piece on the cut & paste in yer face opus. I’ve also been lucky enough to see him knock it out of the park with the much underrated Chrome Cranks (as featured in the original VS zine) and last time he was on these pages he chose Comet Gain (a Wiiija band who along with Huggy Bear et al were reviewed in the first ever issue). I’m stoked that he’s agreed to come back and choose another song ahead of his European tour with old PG mucker Jon Spencer on Jon’s first solo record that’s much awaited chez nous – “Spencer Plays The Hits!” on Shove Records.

Ladies and gentlemen, there are seven acknowledged wonders of the world, you are about to witness the eighth, standing in the spotlight on showcase is a man who’s given you such tunes as “Dick Johnson”, “Alright!”, “Shaking Hell”, “Death Valley ’69”, ladies and gentlemen, without no doubt, pass the peas, double the B’s for Mr. Bob Bert!

Here’s a taster for what he might be playing with Jon Spencer when he comes to the UK:

Here’s what Bob’s up to right now:

“Coming up for me are 2 tours (listed below), one through the south with Lydia Lunch Retrovirus and then to Europe and the U.K. playing a trash metal drumkit with Jon Spencer. Also coming soon is my book of photos, text and interviews entitled “I’m Just The Drummer” (HoZac Books) and the album entitled “Blue Gene Stew” by the Wolfmanhattan Project (me with Kid Congo Powers and Mick Collins) on In The Red Records.”

A timely reminder of a previous Wolfmanhattan Project record, featuring a shot of Bob as a mere slip of a lad.

Without further ado, this is Bob’s second “song for ewe”…

“My song choice is “Over And Over” by the MC5. To me this is the perfect song. Recorded in the fall of 1970, song writing credit goes to Fred Sonic Smith and it was released in 1971 on Atlantic Records on their 3rd and final album High Time. Today as I write this 9/7/18, it’s MC5 drummer Dennis Machinegun Thompson’s birthday and I’m immersed in Wayne Kramer’s enthralling autobiography The Hard Stuff. Over And Over start’s off with the sexiest guitar intro which could stand alone as a separate song. The only 2 other songs I can say this about are The Replacements “Unsatisfied” and The Damned “Smash It Up”.

From there “Over And Over” starts a build up like a rocket taking off finally exploding into the main body of the song with singer Rob Tyner belting out the timeless lyrics.

People talkin ’bout solutions, over and over
‘Bout how we need a revolution, over and over
I was talking ’bout ecology, over and over
‘Bout how we’ll be saved by technology, over and over
While the cat next door spends all his time
Trying to think up new antisocial crimes

And that’s just the first verse!

Over And Over reminds me of sex, The guitar intro is like foreplay going into a total arousal buildup exploding into the orgasmic verses and timeless message of the tune. Don’t take my word for it, CRANK IT UP 🔥”



You can pre-order Jon Spencer “Spencer Plays The Hits!” at Rough Trade here…(coloured vinyl if you get in quick)

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