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“SONG FOR EWE” is the feature where artists & music people beloved by VELVET SHEEP choose an obscure song they’ve been listening to that day. Today’s guest was drummer for the lo-fi punk kings Sebadoh during their most commercially successful period, replacing founder member Eric Gaffney for the albums “Bakesale” (’94) & “Harmacy” (’95) and wrote the song “Temptation Tide” on the former. He is one of said friends on album Lou Barlow & Friends was also involved in the soundtrack to Larry Clark’s “Kids”, and key personnel for Deluxx Folk Implosion the Folk Implosion mixed with the band Deluxx (the band name does what it says on the tin). We’re chuffed to welcome to these pages, Mr. Bob Fay! Yay!

“Rebound” (from “Bakesale”) is one of my all time fav songs, let alone Sebadoh, but I asked Bob if there’s anything he’d like me to plug, and I’m pleased to say that if you get on the case you could grab yourself a copy of the Deluxx Folk Implosion LP on Witches Pickle Records right here…


But what of Bob’s “song for ewe”? Without further ado…

“David Ruffin “Each Day Is a Lifetime” 1970 .

Post Trump “victory”, my listening has all been about deep hurt and finding a way in your time of despair.

Mr. Ruffin brings this to a fantastic apex of understated and elegant musical excellence in the Motown tradition of great part followed by equally amazing chord sequence.

Lyrically it’s that provocative mix of anthemic declaration of his woe and the search for a way out of the mire of broken heartedness. Since mid April, I have listened to this jam no less than 30 times, just to make certain it is *that* good.”