“SONG FOR EWE” is the feature where artists & music people beloved by VELVET SHEEP choose an obscure song they’ve been listening to that day. Today’s guest is a real hero of mine and the fanzine. An indie king and true baron of the baritone, I originally heard him on Sub Pop 200 with Beat Happening, and then wrote tons about his label K Records at the peak of the original Velvet Sheep fanzine, not to mention The Halo Benders. When he started putting out jukebox vinyl (almost as rare as dubplates) of his new band Dub Narcotic I feverishly snaffled them up from Rough Trade, Covent Garden. Circa “Boot Party” I was beyond chuffed that me and fellow fan Toby Amies managed to get him in for MTV Europe’s Alternative Nation for a live acapella no less, and I snatched a quick interview for the original Velvet Sheep. So with a new incarnation, a twist of the wheel for Dub Narcotic, Selector Dub Narcotic have a new record, literally Hotter Than Hott off the press and I am pleased to announce that Calvin Johnson, has a “song for ewe”…

New album “This Party Is Just Getting Started” on K Records is a killer statement of intent. Calvin is back, he’s got a pink/punk shirt on and he means business. Show business. The album is a collabo with PNW hip hop producer Smoke M2D6, who first began working with K producing the “All Your Friend’s Friends” (KLP255) compilation. He’s from a crew called Oldominion and is the go-to for hip hop artists in Washington & Oregon. The album gestated from song “All For The Sake of Rhymin'” which K artiste Mahjongg and took on a dynamic life of its own. Thank goodness. The world needs Selector Dub Narcotic and its genre (s)mashing boogie wonderland between garage rock, P-Funk and dub (natch).

Basically we need Calvin to continue to “Fuck Shit Up”

Here’s the rather arresting appearance of Calvin on Alternative Nation, performing “Bone Dry”. The sound man didn’t know what to make of it, it’s fair to say. It was the most punk rock thing I’d ever witnessed first hand. And I was standing very close, only one of 2 other people in the room.

 But what’s Calvin’s “song for ewe”…Calvin!?


Here is a song for you.

Hartle Road “Glass”

Hartle Road are a rock’n’roll band from Columbus, Mississippi. They freak me out, which is a normal reaction to Hartle Road from squares like me. Raw and loud and tender and polite. Who could ask for anything more? “Glass” is from the new Hartle Road album Maxx, released by Arkam Records, cassette by Jenny Records, both of Florence, Alabama. There’s more noise to come. Excitement.”



New album links etc below and Calvin’s on tour in the UK at some interesting, suitably off-kilter venues! Catch him if you can.


Live dates:
Oct 13 – Vinyl Frontier Record Shop & Cafe, Eastbourne – 6pm instore
Oct 14 – Union Corner, Plymouth
Oct 17 – Bethnal Green Working Men’s Club, London*
Oct 18 – The Druidstone Hotel, Haverfordwest, Wales
Oct 21 – Nexus Art Café, Manchester
Oct 22 – The Northern Charter, Newcastle
Oct 23 – Wharf Chambers (Sunday Matinee Show), Leeds
Oct 24 – Unitarian Church, Cambridge
Oct 25 – The Fishermen’s Chapel, Leigh-on-Sea
Oct 26 – Tom Thumb Theatre, Margate*
* w/ Catenary Wires (Amelia Fletcher)