Charlie Wyatt by James Perou – jamesperou.com

“SONG FOR EWE” is the feature where artists & music people beloved by VELVET SHEEP choose an obscure song they’ve been listening to that day. Today’s guest is a garage rocker from my home town Gravesend, a real life Punk-ahontus who’s not so much about Windmill Hill (one for the G’senders) as a windmilling guitar hero. He’s in a band called Thee MVPs who are destined to go a long long way complete with their MTV logo paen t-shirts and his voracious music knowledge and impeccable taste. He’s also plugged for the ace PNKSLM label, and more recently he’s turned me onto some great bands like The Blind Shake & Useless Eaters who are now all over Marc Riley’s 6Music show. A true taste-maker, I’ve got a whole lotta love for this dude, it’s Charlie Wyatt!!!


Thee MVPs by Daniel Quesada

I feel like I’ve known Charlie for some time, probably from Myspace era when we got in touch cos he’s good buds with Luke Reilly of PNKSLM (and whose bands The Lusts and Sex Beet played Velvet Sheep nights back in the mid noughties at Whitechapel Gallery). If we’d have gone on a bit longer I’d defo would’ve had Thee MVPs head a VS bill, but just missed out. By the time we have any more live events, he and they’ll probably be way too big for us! I hope so, cos this guy’s got it all. A real student of garage punk, I feel like a proud father if only that wasn’t patronising. It’s just heartening that Gravesend is still a punk outpost! And how couldn’t it be with a name like that right?


Action photos by Neelam Khan Vela

I’ve actually bought “Woman Is A Danger Cat” by Thee MVPs back in the day, and it’s not often i’m shelling out on music by brand new bands these days, but as you can see from the pics above by Neelam Khan Vela, this band rocks. And here’s a new one…called “Slimelord”. As Lou Barlow says on FB these days “cheggit”…

Anyways, enough waffle from me, it’s over to Charlie with his faultless “song for ewe” (which made me go and buy this album too!)

“OBN III’s – No Time for the Blues (live in SF version)

I’ve always been a sucker for live recordings/bootlegs/grainy vhs vids uploaded to youtube. When I first figured out what the internet was about 12 years ago my time on a computer was split between watching live videos of at the drive in, downloading at the drive in off limewire and telling girls i’d never meet about At The Drive-In over MSN Messenger/myspace, JEEZ WHAT A LIVE BAND.

In the midst of all this I also got that Rage Against The Machine covers album which had MC5 and Minor Threat covers on it, being the digital crate digger I was at that age (still am really) I wanted get the originals of these songs too so I picked like two songs from the “Kick Out The Jams” album and burnt them onto a cd alongside my favourite Incubus/System of a Down/Deftones songs (go ahead and hate it’s still bad for you) and listened to it to death (back when you could still do that shit without ad breaks or another new Kanye track/”whats he said now” news distracting you.)

ANYWAY that album has always struck a chord with me as well as the live DVDs of various bands i’d get for Christmas (2003 was the year my stepdad gave me Woodstock – A change is gonna come by Canned Heat on that is still a jam.)

Growing up consuming music this way has left my brain able to only register music I can see or at least hear is being played to an inch of it’s life, if I get that feeling, I’m immediately sold on it.

Luckily the recent music scene I like to think I’m part of has all sorts of amazing live music going on pretty much all the time, last month I had the privilege of seeing OBN III’s live, I felt like I’d walked into the ring to a fight I hadn’t signed up for, all the drums and guitars pummelling me while Orville the singer howls over it all like if Elvis was born twenty years later and playing protopunk. Easily the best show I’ve caught this year (so far! The Blind Shake a close second.)

We put them up at ours after and they gave me a copy of this EXCELLENT live record from Castle Face that was out of print aside from on their merch stand. The studio albums are good but I rate this over any of them records any day, such is my upbringing. Also Castle Face is a grand label co-ran by Thee Oh Sees John Dwyer, synth wizard Matt Jones and my good friend Brian Lee Hughes, they’re always putting out interesting music, this live record is part of series including sets from Fuzz and Destruction Unit. The press release for this is hilariously enthusiastic too. 

Bonus Fun Fact: Their old guitarist flew in to do this show too so there’s three guitarists just shredding all over this.”