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“SONG FOR EWE” is the feature where artists & music people beloved by VELVET SHEEP choose an obscure song they’ve been listening to that day. I’m a big Dischord Records fan, so it’s an absolute pleasure to have today’s guest on the fanzine. Originally from Louisville, his Dad was working for a Congressman so he ended up in Washington DC and after making friends with Brendan Canty and co. at school, when they had Ramones hair and Blondie pins, he ended up watching the likes of Teen Idles and Untouchables, cutting his hair and joining a band with ex State of Alert members plus Alex McKaye (Ian’s brother and Untouchables singer/shouter) which was The Faith.

Alongside Rites of Spring’s “End On End” album, The Faith’s “Subject To Change” 12″ and Faith/Void split are my favourite DC/Dischord albums ever. He’s also played in other key DC bands Embrace with Ian McKaye and Ignition and I only recently found out he toured with another of my favs from a whole different scene, the apposite Royal Trux and played in a band with another VS fav Myra Power of Slant 6. A fearsome and furious bassist, on stage he’s hard to take your eyes off of, and can nearly take your eyes out if you get too close. I’m stoked to introduce the aces Chris Bald!

I asked Chris what he’s up to at the moment…and there’s a UK connection!

“I play in two bands currently. Dubious/Obvious (with Gary Bromley from Dif Juz), dub influenced improv art rock. As well as Smiths Guild which is more ambient experimental dub. I am also an oil painter, some of my work is viewable on Facebook on my page Chris Bald Art.

Art by Chris Bald.

But what is Chris’s song choice? Without further ado, here’s his “song for ewe”…

“Peter Hammill has always been a little too unknown on this side of the Atlantic, what a loss for music fans here!

This particular song ‘The Institute of Mental Health, Burning’ is one I find myself singing a lot these days. There is something darkly humorous and ominously truthful lying just underneath the playful sounds of the music.”