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“SONG FOR EWE” is the feature where artists & music people beloved by VELVET SHEEP choose an obscure song they’ve been listening to that day. Today’s guest is the purveyor of a beautiful sound world built from loops, layers, loneliness and minimalist melancholia. Coral Rose records as The Silver Field and her debut album “Rooms” (on Tim Burgess’ label O Genesis) was fittingly made in her bedroom using double bass, cello, guitar, mandolin, harmonium, harmonica and a bagpipe charmer, plus her Dad’s old SPX-90 and an EVI (electronic valve instrument – a breath controlled analogue synth).

Akin to recent Thrill Jockey records by Sarah Louise and Marisa Anderson, there’s a gentle virtuosity and subtle yet intense technical accomplishment, but rather than pastoral and sweeping, it’s sometimes claustrophobic since this is an autobiographical record about coming out and leaving those old “Rooms” behind with a sense of former self. Like a butterfly from the cocoon, we’re pleased to welcome the beauteous new sounds of The Silver Field and their heartfelt author to Velvet Sheep, hello Coral Rose!

Coral Rose co-opted mates Cathy Lucas from Vanishing Twin and Kiran Bhatt from Red River Dialect and has for “Rooms” embraced an earthy recording process, weaving real tape loops among digital time lines for a texture that’s off-kilter but on point. The reel to reel player used was picked up for a mere pound at a car boot after Coral spoke to the kindred spirited seller about Daphne Oram, and if you really concentrate you can hear the ghosts in the machine, warm warps and pleasing wobbliness. Literally home spun genius, and following on from some inspired recent releases on O Genesis by the likes of Daniel O’Sullivan and Richard Youngs, “Rooms” is like finding family jewels hidden down the back of the sofa.

But what music stirs the soul of Coral Rose? Without further ado, this is Coral’s “song for ewe”…

“Emmanuelle Parrenin – Topaze

My friend David Morris played me this when we were touring in February and I saved a link in my phone and just found it again the other day! I think it’s incredible that it was made in 1977.

It comes from an album called La Maison Rose, about the house she grew up in and her early musical influences. My album “Rooms” is themed around a house and “leaving home” and was also influenced by music that I heard growing up, so I find it conceptually interesting but also it just sounds amazing!

I love the mix of folk instruments and electronic instruments & effects, and how the distinction between the two gets blurred. It sounds so environmental, she’s really making a world with the sounds, and I love that!”

Pre-order “Rooms” here… (out on Jan 19th on O Genesis)

The Silver Field site found here…http://www.thesilverfield.space/