“SONG FOR EWE” is the feature where artists beloved by VELVET SHEEP choose an obscure song they’ve been listening to that day.

Today is a man who upon phoning the Rough Trade shop in the early 90s to talk to Gary Walker of Wiiija I was patched straight through to for an on the spot interview. It was one of the first interviews proper I had done with someone who’d made a record that inspired the zine’s existence, the 7″ “Touching You In Ways That Feel Uncomfortable”. It was also one of the first after changing the name of the original zine from “We Thought You Was Shit” to “Velvet Sheep” (it took less explanation when calling the pluggers). This punk poet was not only leader and muse to the incomparable riot grrrl era band Blood Sausage putting words to rhythms concocted by Huggy Bear & Cee Bee Beaumont members, but he also moved to the States to hang out with cool Olympia bands I could only write and dream about like , and then went onto MC and introduce the landmark “Destination: Love. Live At Cold Rice” album by one of my all-time favs Ian Svenonius’ MAKE-UP. Now a TV writer and the author of the highly successful and tres amusant book “Letters of Not”, choosing his “song for ewe” at last (destined to happen since we came back online), it’s the man who could never forgive Billy Joel, the super talented Mr. Dale Shaw!

Velvet Sheep issue 9

Above is the original cover of the Velvet Sheep zine which featured said interview. And below is Dale about to wipe his arse on it. Probably.

unnamed (1)

I have been back in touch with Dale for a while, having re-printed the BS article from VS on MySpace once (remember that? ask your Dad). It turns out that with my TV day job I’m running in similar circles as Dale and I’d very much like to work with him if I get the right project away as he is a funny guy. I did nearly bump into him near Rough Trade in Brick Lane a year or so ago, but with my receding skin head and the fact that I was bogging him, he scuttled away before I could establish that it was the man, the legend. It was.

After the success of his beautifully observed spoof of “Letters of Note” (called “Letters of Not” natch) with unlikely postal missives allegedly by the famous and infamous…


he’s got a few book ideas on the boil but even more excitingly, he (like me nearly every day) has had a bit of a nostalgia trip compiling all the recorded works of the much-missed effacing but fleeting punks Blood Sausage for a best of, all of Record Store Day piece of art aptly called…”Blood Sausage – The Short and Painful Life Of”



which includes a record I loved dearly but can no longer find – the 10″ “Happy Little Bullshit Boy” (probably left at my folks house in Gravesend) plus the K single, a collabo with Bikini Kill’s Kathleen Hanna, a split with Wiiija label mates Cornershop and loads of other gems.

He’s brought BS back on vinyl and he’s threatening to resurrect his old fanzine “Big Dipper”. I say do it! But in the mean time, and without further ado, here’s Dale’s “song for ewe”…

“The Go-Betweens: Quiet Heart (Live)

I’m continually saddened and angered and baffled by the fact that Grant McLennan is dead. It’s been ten years now and it still doesn’t make any sense. Putting together a compilation for my old band recently has led to a certain amount of looking back, which isn’t always the most comfortable place for me to go. Many of the things back there are pretty painful, but I’m still moved and delighted by The Go-Betweens who have been dear to me for so many years. This live radio session version of Quiet Heart is just staggering.”