“SONG FOR EWE” is the feature where artists & music people beloved by VELVET SHEEP choose an obscure song they’ve been listening to that day.

Today’s guest is a snowboarder that used to review which beenie hats were best at defaecating into for Big Brother skateboard magazine. It was here that he got in touch with Jeff Tremaine who brought him into the fold on MTV Jackass. Poo hugs and shitting on demand are his stock-in-trade, plus riding weird vehicles generally down hill and hurting himself on demand, he’s been part of the key cast of the show across it’s legendary run of series in the early noughties plus 3 iconic movies. It’s my favourite Jackass, welcome back to Velvet Sheep fanzine, the Iggy Pop of prank shows, Mr. Dave England!


I first spoke to Dave just prior to the launch of the first Jackass movie in 2002. I was heading up MTV2 in the UK and they gave me Jeff Tremaine’s cell number to set up interviews in LA. On calling Jeff he proceeded to give me every cast member’s number and told me I had to call them all. I instantly hit it off with Dave. It’s probably because he’s called England and i’m English. Or the fact that he mistook my name as Nick HotCheeks much to our mutual amusement. When I came to LA and met him i felt like i’d known him for a while. On one hand he’s the most “normal” of the Jackass cast, but you must never forget he could drop a Cleveland steamer quicker than you can drop your hat. During an interview filmed at Jeff’s Hollywood hills home (Dave had come down from his hometown of Portland, Oregon), Dave proceeded to show me on camera his one testicle – result of a snowboarding accident. Then for our selfie before selfies were a thing, he held me in this head lock (above) looking uncannily like Iggy. It wasn’t long before I saw him again…


The Jackass gang (or most of) came over to London for the UK premiere, where I did a follow up show accompanying them to the Leicester Square cinema from their base at the Metropolitan hotel. In the taxi there I was filming in the back and asked Preston where his “sidekick” Wee Man was. Taking mock offence, Steve-o took the camera from me and filmed as Chris Pontius held me down and Dave England unzipped. He put his aforementioned testicle on my shaved cranium. They called it a “tea-bagging” but I got away lightly – more of an Earl Grey than a builder’s Tea if you will. Dave’s and my friendship was assured.


We’ve kept in touch ever since, Dave doing an interview for another incarnation of Velvet Sheep zine on myspace (remember myspace?!) and recently as part of the TV day job we got talking about all kinds of stuff ranging from the great outdoors to skateboarding in former war-zones. I sincerely hope we can work together again some day, but in the meantime Dave kindly agreed to choose a “song for ewe”, so without further ado, here it is:

“In the early 2000s… wait- Is that really the term that refers to the beginning of the first 10 years of the 3rd millennium?! It sounds stupid, right?

The 80s, the 90s and then the 2000s?! How about just the 00s? Ugh. Sorry for all the dumb questions.

So during that time, Ethan Fowler (one of the smoothest skaters of all time- I’m talking smooth at skating and incredibly smooth to the touch as well) and a couple other guys, who I don’t know but wish I did, had this band called Weekend Blacks.

I never saw them live (another thing I wish I did) but Ethan gave me a homemade CD with seven songs on it. I immediately began listening to that CD everyday.

My 2 favourite songs are this one “Suicide”, and “Too High”.

BTW- I am in no way, shape or form any authority on music of any kind… actually, maybe I am an authority in the shape of a know nothing blob. And let me tell you, this blob still loves listening to those seven songs.

I oftentimes wonder why Weekend Blacks are so obscure. They could have broke up or even broke down for all I know. Part of me wishes they had kept on playing and emerged out of obscurity and the other part of me… well, I’m just a blob so there really isn’t another part of me.

What I do know is that fake suicides are far better than real ones!”