“SONG FOR EWE” is the feature where artists beloved by VELVET SHEEP choose an obscure song they’ve been listening to that day.

Continuing our April Fall month, historically The Fall loves a good drummer or two, and here’s another. Originally in Trigger Happy with Ed Blaney & Jim Watts, a support band who eventually became the band…he was the last of them to formally join the fold when he replaced Spencer Birtwistle behind the traps for 2003’s 23rd Fall album “The Real New Fall LP (formerly Country On The Click)” and got co-writing credits on “Mountain Energei” & “Proteinprotection”. He was replaced by the returning Birtwistle by the time of the next album “Fall Heads Roll” but his place in Fall history is captured on wax forever, it’s Dave Milner!

Mr. Smith mask (1)

Dave sent me this great pic above, which he describes thus:
“My favourite Fall era photo…not great quality , but the drummer (me) wearing a Smith mask onstage in USA (no photoshop I promise) “

You could call it Mask E Smith! I asked Dave what he’s up to at the moment…

“I am teaching drums, enjoying family life and recording in my studio when I have the time. I won the British Amateur recording (multitrack) competition twice, in 2010 and 2012, and provided audio for the Brian Blessed iPhone alarm clock…all nonsense, but it keeps me sane…this is some of my shizzle..Skinnybrain 1…”

(It includes evidence of the Brian Blessed iPhone alarm clock!)

and here’s some of Dave’s tom thumping work from back in the day…

Enough Blessed rantings, without further ado, it’s over to Dave with his “song for ewe”…

“Thanks for this opportunity, however choosing 1 tune is tough…..I am listening to a “not song” at the moment. I don’t buy much jazz, but this group really hits me where it hurts..I think it’s the obvious soul in the playing…and there are so many songs that pop up day to day that have a strong emotional resonance for me, but If it is obscure (ish) you want then this whole album is great and unobtainable it would seem, except through Youtube…Ongaku… I love intelligent blending of sounds, humour, and otherworldliness that comes from a creative objectivity….but then is able to add emotion to the mix..Bowie did this well I think!”