“SONG FOR EWE” is the feature where artists beloved by VELVET SHEEP choose an obscure song they’ve been listening to that day.

Today it’s a man that brought techno to my fav band The Fall and was a key part of my fav Fall album “The Infotainment Scan” and fav Fall period. Originally involved with the electronics on “Shift-Work” in 1991, he became a full member as keyboard player on “Code: Selfish”, the album that spawned chart hit “Free Range”. The dance music influence had first surfaced in the Madchester reffing “Telephone Thing” on “Extricate” but this guy really helped it take hold on “The Infotainment Scan” where the beats really added to the discipline/repetition of the band and were a perfect metronome to Mark E Smith’s curled lip malice. Also playing on “Middle Class Revolt” (featuring “Hey! Student”), he was out of the band by the time “Cerebral Caustic” was out. He was low in the mix, but could never be written out of a key time in The Fall’s history (1991-1995) and I will always be a fan of his influence, with a heady nugg for you it’s dance head Mr. David Bush…!


There was some t0-and-fro-ing with David and his choices. At first he was thinking a dance tune he’d heard at the gym. Then a country song, with the caveat “Mark E Smith helped me understand why I loved country music. Mark used to play me a lot of country music when we were touring in America. He thought I would hate it because I’m a raver. I fuckin’ loved it. We used to stay up late listening to tapes he had bought from truck stops.”

But the choice he originally gave me he went onto describe as being the kind of country music his old boss wouldn’t have been keen on: “He probably wouldn’t like this though cos it’s about being nice.”

David changed his mind, which was totally coolio. I said I looked forward to the new one, to which he amused me with the riposte “You say that but it’s dancin’ crazy!” and “I don’t like guitar music is that ok?”. Of course I was brought up on Peel, and a diet of music ranging from Melt Banana to break bottle ragga, so I didn’t mind at all.

He threatened me with a full Dropbox mix for his song choice, which I would have welcomed, and in fact David if you ever fancied doing a full VS vs. David Bush mix, that would be amazing. Finally he settled on this fitting tuuuune. Fittingly it combines dance music and uber Fall fan, John Peel…so without further ado, with his “song for ewe”, it’s over to David…

“I was lucky enough to meet up with these guys when I lived in London. John Peel personally put a note through their office door asking if they could do a session and this is it. My very favourite label. This is their session main track “Radio One, On One”. What’s not to like?”