“SONG FOR EWE” is the feature where artists & music people beloved by VELVET SHEEP choose an obscure song they’ve been listening to that day. Today’s guests are the first artistes on Visitant a new dance / electronic imprint by VS’ label of the year Phantom Limb. Together they represent two of experimental techno’s shiniest hopes, each collaborating on one side of the first in a series of split 12″s, and it’s a truly global affair. Mexico’s Demian Licht and South Korea’s Enyang Ha are producing cerebral music that moves the body and soul – electro with a beating human heart (albeit polyrhythmic) and their skeetering soundclash is at once future shock and clear and present beauty. We are pleased they’ve come to these pages, each choosing a tune that currently shaping their sonic adventures close to home…welcome to Demian Licht and Enyang Ha!


Demian Licht 

Photo by Marcos Ruiz

Demian Licht started making sine waves in a vibrant Mexico City dance scene in 2016, emerging wide eyed with a self-released debut called “Female Criminals vol. 1”, characterized as a dark, astute “call to feminisit arms” and coinciding with her qualifications as an Ableton Certified Trainer, in fact the only woman in Latin America to hold the honour. And it’s no wonder, Demian has fastidious surgical skill as a producer, and on the first of her two songs on this debut split for Visitant – “Ankaa” she mines a dystopian gloom redolent of Clark or Holden. It builds menacingly, so brace yourself…

Demian Licht has also collaborated with Irish techno iconoclast Eomac (one half of R&S Records’ Lakker) on a must have 12″ platter on his Eotrax label. But what has Demian chosen as a recently played fav tune, without further ado, here’s her “song for ewe”…

Demian Licht – Song For Ewe:
PJ Harvey – “To Give You My Love”

“This track has called me as a whisper. In some way it has become an anthem to me. The encounter at the desert which I feel very connected with (specifically the one situated in San Luis Potosi, Mexico where the Mexican guardians live) & where the beautiful battle of our demons and angels dance together to be able to be prepared to receive the gift called love. In terms of production I find exquisite the simplicity on it. In general, all the album is a masterpiece for me. I have the impression it was recently produced even if it has released 25 years ago. Less is more.”


Enyang Ha

Photo by Micki Rosi Richter

Enyang Ha has a more ethereal tone but the music on her side is no less sinister, full of spliced ghosts in the machine, evo static sound, EVP and the kind of atmospherics caught on tape by the U.S. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) using its Equatorial Pacific Ocean autonomous hydrophone array. Its disorienting but beauteous. From South Korea, Enyang was most recently caught on vinyl as a contributor to Tunisian experimental techno heroine Deena Abdelwahed’s remix collection alongside the likes of Karen Gwyer and MESH. Enyang translates to something like “silver pearl” in the Korean language and the modular synths that she is so adept at certainly shimmer and shine to suit…check out “Plastic Run” here…

Classically trained in violin and piano, and now a resident of techno’s own Berlin, Enyang Ha is also a switched on engineer who has been at the controls on records by peers like Arca, Eartheater, and on the inspiration for her “song for ewe”…

Enyang Ha – Song For Ewe:
Amnesia Scanner – “AS Acá”

“Before, pretty much all hit songs were written in English. Even non-English native speakers attempted to sing in English. Nowadays I hear more and more songs sung in Spanish. I am sure there will be even more diverse languages coming into music industry soon in the future. When I hear songs sung in Spanish, I move along its rhyme. Spanish language always gives me this flaming energy. Plus, me not being able to understand it adds good amount of magic to it. :))

I was introduced to this song “AS Acá” of Amnesia Scanner, when I was requested for mastering this song. I am a full-time mastering engineer alongside my solo artist project. I take both producing and mastering music very important as these two activities bring me to balance.

The sound elements of this song remind me of subcultures including metal, glitch-hop, trap. And these sub cultural sound elements together form into the structure and concept of pop music. I find this really cool. Because in this way, you can ALSO hypnotize pop music listeners with really weird sub cultural weapons. The Peruvian vocalist Lalita’s beefy poppy voice joins Oracle, a computerized singer that Amnesia Scanner created. Can you imagine how this computerized singer would sound? It really moved me 😉 Also its figure is very unexpected. Amnesia Scanner once brought Oracle to their show at Kraftwerk last year December. You should go ahead and check!”


Demian Licht & Enyang Ha 12″ VISITANT001 is out on 13th March – be sure to order your copy to avoid disappointment.


This will be the first in a series of globe trotting, incisive slabs on VISITANT, keep your peepers on Phantom Limb for more deets.