Photo by Richard Amp

“SONG FOR EWE” is the feature where artists & music people beloved by VELVET SHEEP choose an obscure song they’ve been listening to that day. Today’s guest is a super talented guitarist, bass player, keyboard player, writer, right-hand man, muse, punk, druid, iconoclast. He was the go-to man for Julian Cope for his post Teardrop Explodes adventures, including playing on his four big Virgin Records albums. It was Cope that gave him the playful middle name “Ross” reputedly after Glenn Ross Campbell from 60s band The Misunderstood.

He’s also been a member of the 90s punks Prolapse who I greatly enjoyed writing about at the time of the original VS fanzine. He’s always got something on the go (more below), but hey world, shut your mouth and shut the front door, it’s the brilliant Donald Ross Skinner!


Donald played bass by the time of “Peggy Suicide” (Cope on guitar) but the sounds they get stand up even now and make my hairs stand on end. “Hanging Out & Hung Up On The Line” is my current fav, not least because it was played by DJ Brent Hansen (former president of MTV Europe) at an old Velvet Sheep live event at the Whitechapel Gallery and went down a storm.

Prolapse have a special place in my heart too, and I remember getting, loving and reviewing this one on a Cherry Red Records 7″ back in the day…

I was pleased that Donald was up for choosing a “song for ewe” but first I wanted to check in what he’d been up to lately…

“Gone for a (relative) oldie. Stuff I’m up to at the mo: Playing in Love Amongst Ruin, Hotmotel and AMP. Also doing the music and editing the audio version of my friend Doug Thorp’s weekly blog and book Idle Eye. Check it out


Re-united with Prolapse last year to do the Mogwai shows which was rather marvellous. Think we might do more in the future. Also write with Paul Kennedy ex of Salad and writing and recording with DC Fontana. Haven’t seen Copey in a few years.”

Donald sent us his own trawl of treats from his back cat “to amuse”


Donald’s song choice is the second time this year we’ve had Scritti Politti (they also cropped up on Brendan Canty’s)


But, without further ado, it’s over to Donald for his “song for ewe”)
“My choice of the day:
Scritti Politti – P.A.s
I’ve never tired of this or, indeed, any of the early period Scritti Politti stuff when they were DIY Camden politico squatters. I would have gone for the first single ‘Skank Bloc Bologna’ which is a hardy perennial in my life, but the youtube vid that accompanies this one features some great footage from the time. Itchy guitar/drums and an awesome bass sound and always alive with melody. Green Gartside has a great croony voice and this before the London tones were replaced with a more American lilt. Still sitting snug in my vinyl wall. A soundtrack to a certain time. Still does the trick.”