“SONG FOR EWE” is the feature where artists & music people beloved by VELVET SHEEP choose an obscure song they’ve been listening to that day. Today’s guest is a purveyor of love songs of the highest order. I’ve loved their song “E102” for a long time, and was pleased to find it on the expanded C86 comp reissue, where it deserved to be! He’s a founder member of BMX Bandits, the Scottish group much enamoured of 60s pop, who were born from a band called The Pretty Flowers that also included that other sunny singer Norman Blake of Teenage Fanclub, and also Francis McKee later of The Vaselines. BMX Bandits were supported by Creation label mates Oasis on their first UK tour, and Kurt Cobain was once seen sporting a BMX Bandits t-shirt and once said “if I could be in any other band it would be BMX Bandits”. With the band 30 years old and a brand new album on the way featuring vocals from the newest “Bandita” Chloe Philip, I for one can’t wait for the new BMX Bandits record “BMX Bandits Forever” due next year on the ever brilliant Elefant Records, but in the meantime we should make do with an ace “song for ewe” by the inimitable Duglas T Stewart!

ChloeDuglasBMX Bandits 5

There’s a bit of a BMX Bandits double bill as Chloe has also chosen a song, coming here soon, but in the meantime check out this recent performance of a classic at the 100 Club featuring original member Sean Dickson on Omnichord….

Anyway, enough blah-ing from me, it’s over to Duglas for his ace song choice:

“My song for Ewe is “Lutie Lutie” by Tenniscoats. The track was only available as one side of a 7 inch single and a free download. Tenniscoats are a duo from Tokyo Japan. They are possibly my favourite group in the world. I have had the pleasure of playing shows with them in Japan and saw them play in Glasgow several times.

When I first got this single I became instantly obsessed by it and played it for around 36 hours non stop on repeat with no sleep. It has a poignancy and fragile quality that reminds me of the theme for European TV shows that would be shown in the early 1970s during the school holidays… things like The Adventure of Robinson Crusoe, White Horses, The Flashing Blade and particularly the theme to Belle et Sebastien (which inspired the Glasgow pop group). There was a sad beauty about these themes that got deep inside me as a child and a lot of Tenniscoats’ music has a similar sad beauty and sense of purity about it.

“Lutie Lutie” by Tenniscoats”

You can get a free download of Lutie Lutie from http://www.hapna.com/downloads.html

And keep your eye open for news of the new BMX Bandits album here: